Tamiya released the miniature Honda Monkey 125, 1/12 scale

The world of motorbike has never been separated from the name miniature. Well … who would have thought that a manufacturer who is famous for his little racing car Tamiya released the miniature Honda Monkey 125. The tiny legendary motor successfully tickled Tamiya to concoct the miniature Monkey 125. And the details … crazy amazingly similar to the original.

Japanese famous toy manufacturer Tamiya has just launched a miniature Honda Monkey 125. Tamiya’s action is very interesting because the details offered are extraordinary for a miniature size similar to reality. Carrying the 1/12 scale Honda Monkey 125, Tamiya had worked hard to make as closely as the original. You just peek at the presence of wires running around the front brakes including the rear.

Then Tamiya also successfully made the cylinder head as closely as the original. With the presence of the air cooling grille or fin. Not only that even in the suspension spring is also formulated in such a way that if we did not know beforehand surely thought that this motorbike photo is not miniature. Original details are extraordinary for miniature sizes. Accuracy Tamiya also touched almost the entire body including threaded upholstery with a touch of white on the edges. Not forgetting the monkey and Honda emblem on the rear seater. The question is how can it be so real ??

Tamiya ensures that the tires used for their miniature use synthetic rubber so that it is very realistic and truly like the original. They also underline the accuracy of detail using a high level of detail. Just peek at the front fender or frame including bolt material that is visible or exposed from a distance made in such a way that it looks like the original. The scale size of 1/12 means that the length of the casting models is 143mm, 63 mm wide and 101 mm high.

Last, this miniature Honda Monkey 125 is officially marketed globally by Tamiya. But it seems that it is not easy to get this miniature unless you are really serious and hunting to Japan as a marketing center. And for the price set by Tamiya for the miniature Honda Monkey 125 is at the nominal US $ 38.69. Here are some miniature photos of the Honda Monkey 125 2018 version released by Tamiya. Crazy details Yes, Really.

M2 Machines Auto Club Box the Lunati Bootlegger’s Collection 1964 Dodge A100 Van

The time has come, and we would like to introduce you to M2 Machines Auto Club Box #5 – Say hello to the latest addition to the Lunati Bootlegger’s collection – the 1964 Dodge A100 Van. Painted in Semi-Gloss Black with Gloss Black Graphics she rolls on a lowered chassis and features Black Chrome 5-Spoke Rims and Red-Line Black tires. The Club kit also include the exclusive M2 Machines bottle opener and comes wrapped in a special Bootlegger themed matching box. Like previous Auto-Club box kits this is an exclusive online product offered by FunLines and all you need to know about purchasing one is below.
Here are the details on how to order your M2 Machines Auto Club #5 box. The Box will go on sale at 12:00PM PST / 3:00PM EST TODAY at www.m2machinesautoclub.com for $36.00 each shipped in the USA. Buyers will be limited to two units per person/household any additional orders will be canceled and refunded automatically.

In the words of the great Randy Savage, “Oh Yeah” we told you we would share what is inside the M2 Machines Auto-Club #5 box today – and we are a company of our word, so please welcome the all new M2 Machines bottle opener. You know why a bottle opener? Because when you see the included ride tomorrow, you are going to want to sit back and enjoy a cold one or two as you wait for Friday to get here.

In all seriousness, here are the real deal details on how to order your M2 Machines Auto Club #5 box. The kit will be shown in its entirety (including the ride) tomorrow at 11:30AM PST / 2:30PM EST – the Box will go on sale at 12:00PM PST / 3:00PM EST Friday 11/15 at www.m2machinesautoclub.com for $36.00 each shipped in the USA. Buyers will be limited to two units per person/household any additional orders will be canceled and refunded automatically

Hey M2 Fanatics, Did you get your M2 Auto-Club Box #5 yet? There’s a few boxes left, so act now. The holidays are fast approaching, they make a great gift or stocking stuffer! The M2 1/64 scale 1964 Dodge A100 Van is decked out in the popular Lunati Bootlegger theme. Lunati is a maker of fine hot rod camshafts and drivetrain components. The M2 Bootlegger theme first appeared in 2015 & has since been a fan favorite. This A100 van is done up as a “Chase Car” from the Bootlegger series. The van is painted semi-gloss black. It includes a large Lunati Bootlegger logo on the sides in gloss black paint just like the other chase cars in this series.

Instead of the regular chrome bumpers, grill, headlight trim & rims; these are now done in black chrome. The Dodge does ride along on a lower chassis with redline tires. Keeping with the chase car dynamics, this van is limited to only 1,000 pieces worldwide. Remember you can’t buy this van in stores, nor will your aunt Lois be sending you one for Christmas. In addition to the cool box & limited edition van you get a brand new collectible M2 bottle opener. You’ll always be prepared to open your favorite tasty beverage. Or it may prove handy if you ever need to “MacGyver” your way out of a situation. Either way M2 has got you covered. The box is $36 which includes shipping in the U.S.A. Operators are standing by.

Does anybody ever read this stuff??? You can pick up your exclusive M2 Bootlegger Auto-Club box from our amigos Steve & Dana from Fun Lines, here’s’ the link that will change your life; www.m2machinesautoclub.com

TAMIYA Mini 4WD Custom Evolution Toys Car

Remembering the past is cool as long as you don’t remember your ex, especially for those of you who just broke up with your boyfriend. We recommend that before 1 year passes you have to have a replacement so you can move on immediately. I myself want to remember the past through this story. For those of you who are breaking up, please move away from this content first so that it doesn’t hurt and can immediately move on. But if you want to torture yourself by wanting to know this story, please continue reading to the end. Remember depression is not my responsibility, you have to know the risk huh? Hahaha …

It all started from at night only friends with coffee and cigarettes that are very delicious, I explore my fingers to look for fragments of diecast model cars diecast cars 1/64 until diecast cars 1/18. Starting from resin to full metal diecast, and it turns out I was lost in TAMIYA’s plastic model cars.

It all started with TAMIYA’s plastic model cars, which eventually brought to mind memories of the past 90s toys, the TAMIYA Mini 4WD toy cars. Because the feed that appears TAMIYA Mini 4WD that displays a form of evolution TAMIYA Mini 4WD toy car. This toy was very booming once with the birth of the legend in the 90s especially if it wasn’t Anime Dash Yonkuro.

I didn’t think it turned out that the evolution of the TAMIYA Mini 4WD toy car is very cool right now, the accessories are also capable of boosting the basic look into an extraordinary display when custom. The basic ingredients are also now increasingly diverse, camouflage looks are also very amazing with the appearance like iron, carbon and so forth. What is clear is that the changes are so captivating.

If in the 90s I only knew it was a race event, both battle and record-breaking time, now custom MINI 4WD cars are also contested even the Street MINI 4WD Race that was once done by Yankuro was also there. Yonkuro still remembers that when racing on the road, he and his emperor ran while using a stick running from the start line to finish by passing various obstacles. Well, for this category, I think the MINI 4WD car uses a basic engine, even if it is upgraded, it’s just a little speed, because the most important thing here is not the speed of the Mini 4WD, but your own expertise to set the speed of the Mini 4WD using a stick, ready- ready to breathe breath if you rarely exercise.

But returning to the custom display TAMIYA Mini 4WD which became very cool, even now with the 3D Print that can be owned personally can increase the creativity of the modifiers of TAMIYA Mini 4 WD increasingly wild and become an admirer when seeing his work on the display.

For the current categories, I don’t know yet, because indeed I was lost yesterday and just write it here, so we can share information. For those of you who are curious about the latest look of the TAMIYA Mini 4WD toy car, here I show you the various images that have often appeared in the social media world.

Nissan NV350 Liberty Walk Model Cars Scale 1/64

Talking about car modification and also in the world of car models, both diecast model cars or resin model cars, the name of Liberty Walk is ingrained, and everyone knows him as a modifier with style over fender.

If we usually know that the modification of the Liberty Walk is only on sports cars to hypercars. It turned out that the Liberty Walk classmate had also played modifications to the MPess Passenger Car segment, the Nissan NV350.

I believe this is clearly a very rare thing. Especially in the world of diecast model cars. This is a super rare hot treasure hunt. If until the other manufacturers do not come into play here, then prepare you who have Car Models NV 350 Liberty Walk in the future to be the target of first-time collectors.

I think maybe not too much is informed about Nissan NV 350 Liberty Walk Car Models, and be happy for my disasters who are always loyal and still loyal readers in this blog stall. Yes because if you respond quickly, hurry up hunting and get the Nissan NV 350 Liberty Walk Scale 1/64 immediately.

If you buy the Nissan NV350 Liberty Walk Cars Models, you have 4 kinds of color choices, namely Red, Silver, White & Baby Blue. And for the case when viewed from its base, it can be ascertained that this case has an acrylic box.

For the price it is also still affordable actually for you, but not for myself now. That is at the price of US $ 30-32 it will depend on what side you get it from? Because we know that getting too long-handed will make the price more expensive, especially the Nissan NV350 Liberty Walk produced by Super Limited Edition.

I certainly don’t know, but referring to previous models of cars that only have limited edition produced as many as 999 items. But this is written Super Limited Edition, then we can be sure that these Car Models are produced far below the 999 numbers. 299 items worldwide

Actually I also want to review this car model to be able to show more about what details you can get if you have this item, but sorry my economic situation worsened so that I could not afford to buy car models that only cost US $ 30.

Yes, so far, for the diecast model car items that I reviewed, I purely bought with my own money, not a loan item from the seller. So I dare say this is good and not in some sectors or as a whole if that’s what has to be said.

Sorry I was even off-topic, carried away bro. Ok, so my friend was recently cast on the new issue of the item from Liberty Walk, the Nissan NV350 Liberty Walk Model Cars Scale 1/64

M2 Machines 1973 Chevrolet Cheyenne Super 10 Hobby Exclusive Series

It has been a long time, bro, it seems we are not talking about one diecast brand that has a good level of detail but a very friendly price. What else if it’s not M2Machine or not bro?

Well, there happens to be a leak about hot items from M2 Machines diecast cars 1/64. This 1/64 diecast cars appeared with the Hot Rod Truck. My prediction, this item will be the 2019 hot treasure hunt and will be the most popular 1/64 diecast cars.

For truck lovers, I think this will also be an inspiration for modify, because it really fits and is sure to be cool and fierce when applied to the original car.

The collector truck items will definitely not miss this 1/64 diecast cars collection from M2 Machines. I myself am not the only truck collector who wants to collect, let alone the truck collector? Certainly will hunt as much as possible to get the 1/64 Hot Treasure Hunt Truck Collection 2019 diecast cars.

Diecast cars 1/64 Truck Collection are included in the Hobby Exclusive Series group according to M2 Machines. It looks custom diecast, and I think this is the first time M2 Machines produced it. Because what I know is the production of 1/64 diecast cars from M2 Machines is usually only with a factory standard display, the custom diecast is only on decal and coloring.

But for the 1/64 Truck Collection Hobby Exclusive Series Chevrolet Cheyenne Super 10 Diecast Cars M2 Machines is making a buzz that is always awaited from the diecasters who love custom diecast and custom hot wheels with genre Hot Rod Custom Diecast. And M2 Machines prove themselves that they are also able to release custom products.

M2 diecast Custom M2 Machines are also the best at this time for mass production, and hopefully the demand is far greater than the production. According to M2 Machines itself for the Chevrolet Cheyenne Super 10 Super Chase version, this item only produced 300pcs.

The Chevrolet Cheyenne Super 10 is produced in 2 versions, the regular and super chase. What is the difference? The difference lies in the Griil, Engine, and Chassis that are gold colored.

In the hands of the creators of this custom diecast, it will surely become an extraordinary base material for custom diecast and revealed in the competition. How can they not be itchy if they see that there are good basic materials and can still be processed into 1/64 diecast cars artwork.

Here are the details of the two standard and super chase models from the 1973 Chevrolet Cheyenne Super 10.

1973 Chevrolet Cheyenne Super 10
• The Body is a primary green medium
• The Stripe is Bright Red
• The Interior is Tan
• The Chassis is PMS cool gray
• The Gas Tanks, exhausts, air tanks & rims are molded is black plastic

Super Chase
• The Body is a primary green medium
• The Stripe is Bright Red
• The Interior is Gold
• The Gas tanks, exhausts, air tanks, grills, chassis & rims are Gold chrome.

And after all this time I was off hunting diecast, my blood seemed to be boiling for this collection of items, this 1973 Chevrolet Cheyenne Super 10 aroused my passion for getting 1/64 diecast cars. Custom diecast cars 1/64 that are required to be owned and collected.
And to answer the question of diecast models cars for sale, at the moment I am still blind but it’s better to just prepare US $ 28-36 of funds so I think it’s quite safe.

As for me, even though the super chase is a limited edition item, it doesn’t become my hunter collection. My passion is to enter the custom diecast display standard.

So, starting today, be ready to continue to be a sniper in hunting diecast cars 1/64 1973 Chevrolet Cheyenne Super 10, remember this will be the 2019 Hot Treasure Hunt chase.

Exoto F1 Models Ferrari Tipo 246 Model Cars 1/18

Happy all my friends, diecast. After yesterday’s meeting, we talked about 1/43 diecast cars. Now we will talk, diecast cars 1/18 or rather, diecast models cars 1:18

But at the moment we are talking about imagining, bro, because talking about car models from Exoto models is talking about a delusion of height. Only the high class can be the collector. People like me can only see it. These Exoto models are in the premium class collection, because from the very beginning the target market for a luxury lifestyle.

And this time my eyes and head were still motionless looking at one of the Exoto f1 models. F1 model car collection is very exciting because the level of detail is extraordinary. diecast model cars 1:18 scale which is very capable to show the level of detail, but the detail of the Exoto f1 models really amazes me. If so far the 1/18 diecast cars point of view is aimed at Autoart models or Frontiart models, so now ignore these 2 brands. Because the two brands did not release F1 models.

F1 models car collection from Exoto models is a Ferrari Tipo 246 F1 model cars 1:18, this vintage F1 models that takes part in the world of the Grand Prix of Belgium 1958th driver at that time was Olivier Gendebien. Exoto F1 models Ferrari Tipo 246 is yellow with a start number of 20. I am confused about what to say about the details of this F1 model, because it is very extraordinary, want to see from the exterior also looks very perfect, the most fun to see here is the dot of welded iron joints that can be displayed neatly and look real.

And even crazier in the interior and engine sector, there is only one word to say, Ultra Ultra, not Ultraman, remember, haha ​​…

diecast model cars for sale Exoto F1 Models Ferrari Tipo 246 is high in the cloud for the price, exorbitant expensive bro. Translucent prices reach US $ 1,900 special wow. It is very visible, my friend, who is a retailer, for who and who can afford to buy and become the f1 model of his car collection, if not the bourgeoisie for his Luxury Lifestyle.

And for those of you friends who just live in this limitation, let’s go together, let’s see the gallery collection of the Exoto F1 Models Ferrari Tipo 246 below. If you are forced to buy, I will just wait for F1 diecast 1 64, whether from tarmac, kyosho, greenlight or maybe even from hotwheels.

DeLorean Time Machine Back to the Future Diecast Model Cars with Magnetic Floating Base

Do you still remember the legendary “Back to the future” sequel? The film first aired on the big screen in 1985. I think this film is the best time travel film, what do you think?

The film directed by Robert Zemeckis has indeed been aired for a long time but the memory of the greatness and futuristic car is not easy to forget, for some reason this car is very cool to watch, especially if collected. One thing is certain, everyone will be surprised and comment “car back to the future”

Do you know the name of the legendary car Back to the Future? If I’m not mistaken this car is called DeLorean DMC-12. The name sounds really foreign, it’s strange and feels strange but what can I do.

Think you don’t want to collect this car? If so, it’s better to just collect the car models. Do you have it? Yes there is, and it’s not only there but it looks very real because it can float above the base display, not to mention the nuances of the LED lights that make it look very cool display collection of DeLorean DMC-12 Back to the Future models.

DeLorean DMC-12 Back to the Future has a unique scale. If usually the 1/24 diecast cars are normal in scale, but not for the DeLorean DMC-12 car models, that is 1/20 scale. Has anyone ever had a collection of diecast cars like this? I mean for the scale? I myself certainly don’t have one, but if I have 1/24 diecast cars, I have a collection of that scale.

This collection of items belongs to Kidslogic Hong Kong, which according to the exposure of Kidslogic model cars DeLorean Time Machine Back to the future has the following details
• Scale 1/20
• Length; about 22cm
• Levitating Time Machine with Magnetic Floating Base
• Openable doors and movable wheels
• Changeable wheels (two sets) for normal scenes and flying scenes
• Flame effect part included
• 2 bases: Magnetic Floating Base & Display Base
• More than 10 LED light up features – Magnetic Floating Base comes with light-up function.

Magnetic Floating Base is what makes DeLorean Time Machines Back to the Future car models capable of flying. Collections like this are new and maybe the first time in the world, so this collection of items is mandatory for you to collect and be the beginning as a futuristic collector of items that nuanced this classic.

The next question is definitely about the US $ diecast model cars for sale. Judging from Kidslogic’s official website DeLorean Time Machines Back to the Future for US $ 307.00 How are my friends all diecast, ready to make the Cars DeLorean Time Machine Diecast Model Back to the Future this latest collection? One more thing that I almost forgot to mention here, this hot item is licensed by Universal Studio.

Fuelme Models Car Lamborghini Aventador Liberty Walk 50th Limited Edition 1/43 scale

Fuelme Models now appear and come with a 1/43 scale Lamborghini Aventador Liberty Walk 50th Limited Edition. Obviously this is a model that must be collected, why? Because this is a model that might be the exclusive right of the Fuelme Model so it won’t be available to other brands.

You all already know that if an item becomes an exclusive right, it will obviously become the target of heavy collectors, and if you miss it, be prepared to get it another time at a much higher price.

The 1/43 scale car model is also very cool collected by you guys. The size is much bigger than the 1/64 diecast cars but much smaller than the 1/32 diecast model cars let alone the 1/24 diecast cars. With a scale of 1/43 the detailed diecast models are able to translate well and look much more realistic when compared to 1/64 diecast cars.

And for you lovers of 1/43 scale model cars, it is much easier to photograph and still be pleasant to carry around without bother, it still feels the same as 1/64 diecast cars.

Fuelme Models Lamborghini Aventador Liberty Walk 50th Limited Edition is intriguing with a combination of colors that are bright but gripping. This is produced from a combination of colors Orange, Red and Black. And it seems that there are lots of hands for this small model, as Fuelme Models explained that this car model is designed by K.S supports, there are Benz Daemon, Infinite Motorsport and Wrap Icon.

The base display is also very exclusive with the double layer, the base layer uses the transparent acrylic and the second layer uses the acrylic milk. So that it can look clean and elegant. Only the shortcomings in the name tag, if only Fuelme wants to use an iron plate or anything that can look like an iron plate then the impression of elegance will be much stronger.

What still makes me curious is why it’s said to be a bull from Thailand? Are these diecast models cars made in Thailand or are the real owners of this Thai Aventador Lamborghini, if anyone knows, may you comment below.

Resin Model Car Kit Collection

Who is this tomorrow off? Those who are not on holiday do not be discouraged but still have to be enthusiastic because there are still many people out there who have to work double jobs or even multi jobs just to survive.

Today there are no reviews, news or stories on custom diecast hot wheels. Today just want to just share my admiration story of the builder resin model car kit. How could they not be able to arrange complex circuits both large and small for each part of the car models.

It’s different from the resin model cars that we usually buy. The difference here is when we unboxing. If the resin model car kit when unboxing we only see sheets of a resin material that must be cut, assembled, painted and pasted with water slide decals. If the models are made of resin cars, we unboxing we immediately see the model cars that fit the picture or display.

If I am given a resin model car kit, it can stress suddenly and can only hold the head. How not to hold my head, because I do not know what I was doing the first time. Although there is already a module there. Not to mention if later on when there are things that are scattered and lost or broken during progress, don’t we cry like rain?

It’s different if we custom diecast model cars, the base is already there, already formed, and it’s ready to use. Just for fun the hands and hearts are not satisfied with the standard look. As for resin model car kits, we are like people who work in the automotive assembly line and do it by themselves with so many sectors. Indeed, as long as I know only products from Tamiya for Resin car kit models.

The exterior side already includes a lot especially in the legs, such as suspension, brakes, tires, wheels and in the engine sector, there are various parts. Even dizzier when it touches the interior, Waow can only say that. This is clearly a very heavy job and requires an amazing level of patience and hand skills.

I just write this crazy while looking at the resin pictures of the car kit model, my eyes have started to get heavy and I want to feel closed and lying on a soft mattress, the effect of seeing, writing while imagining if it’s all I do, instead of dizzy I rushed to working on assembling resin model car kits through dreams. Let others do it for real if they can why should I?

Fuelme Models Newcomers Diecast Cars 1/64 Resin Models

Hi, friend diecast lover who I always miss, how was your weekend? I hope you enjoy a great weekend and can make you happy.

Let me be happy, I have new information for lovers of diecast model cars, especially diecast cars 1/64. Reportedly this diecast model cars will become a killer resin for car models that have come out before.

I myself have never had one because it is quite new, and I just found out last weekend. What is meant by killer resin is how I’m curious. Killer as a killer or killer detail in the price. Because so far we know that products from China are usually able to create the same goods but at a much cheaper selling price.

Even their latest product that will be released is the Porsche RWB 993 Martini, this can be said to be an amazing breakthrough beside Liberty Walk and Rocket Bunny. It seems that a new brand from China is directly cooperating with the Japanese modifiers. But it’s not a strange thing because if I were a sniper, this brand new diecast model cars are basically car modifiers.

New brand in the world of car models is called Fuelme Models. Scale made by Fuelme Models for a while diecast cars 1/64 and also 1/43. When viewed in the gallery Fuelme Models detail this car model is very good both on a scale of 1/64 and 1/43.

If it is true that Fuelme Models will sell diecast model cars at very low prices, this will be dangerous for competitors who have played earlier. Price war will definitely occur here, and I didn’t know this issue would be Fairplay or not.

For the colonization of the market, what techniques are used by Fuelme Models? Let the marketing think. We as the most important consumers are just the level of detail and price.

For those of you who are curious to see a more complete gallery of Fuelme Models just visit the IG at @fuelmechina get ready to scratch and shake his head.

Because the diecast car models from Fuelme Models are visible there are Lamborghini Liberty Walk Liberty Walks, Porsche RWB, Mazda Rx 7 Pandem, Toyota GT 86 Rocket Bunny.

See for yourself, bro, the collection is in the IG Fuelme Models gallery, or want to ask, just go ahead. Ok I resign first because my stomach is hungry I want to eat