Mazda Savanna Rx7 RE Amemiya Ignition Model

Right now my eyes really feel heavy, it’s very difficult to compromise. It is the spirit that makes this finger able to move to keep typing. I’ve been vacuuming for 2 days because there are so many invitations to activities that are difficult to ignore.

Recently I saw a pretty cool model car that comes with a touch of modification, yes, Mazda Rx7 Are you sure this is Mazda RX7, how come it’s different from Han’s Initial D or Fast Farious Tokyo Drift? Yes it is indeed different, because so far we have known more about the latest Mazda Rx7 genes, both in hotwheels and in the Ignition model.

And the models of the cars that are present are the Mazda Rx7 second gen cars, better known as Mazda Savanna RX7 or Mazda fc3s. This Mazda Savanna Rx7 is very special like a special ramen that makes it delicious, tastes great, spicy, fresh, basically yess. Hahaha so talking about ramen, the effect is sleepy and hungry bro.

So this Mazda Savanna RX7 is present in the RE Amemiya modification with its charming racing look. The haunted, ferocious and racing impression is able to blend into one in harmony. Do not need too many graphics, only with sponsor decals can already be a good packaging for harmony that flows.

And do you know that the RE Amemiya modification house is a JDM rotary engine specialist. Founded by Isami Amemiya, RE Amemiya is one of the best & most accomplished tuners in Japan. Many of his creations are unique & kicking off, ranging from a variety of bodykits that make the RX-7’s face transformed, to Furin Kazan, a Westfield-based car with a 13B rotary engine.

Ama-san really made RE Amemiya not only as a home for modification, but also as one of the central figures of the culture of “Rotary” in Japan & the world. Besides that, RE Amemiya also always lowered Mazda in various competitions, from D1GP to JGTC, with very satisfying results.

RE Amemiya since 1995 participated in the Super GT class GT300 championship with RX-7. Even though it’s rare, even the only one who uses a rotary engine in this competition, RE Amemiya finally won it in 2006! And unique … One of the drivers, Shinji Yamaji, now serves as one of the judges in D1GP, where RE Amemiya is also one of the participants.

Ama-san, built this car with a pretty crazy goal: RX7 street-legal is in Japan. Did it work? Yes, by printing 56.8 seconds on the Tsukuba circuit, which makes it one of the fastest street-legal RWD cars in Japan!

Oh yeah, one of Hill.Drimb Ace from Project.D, Keisuke Takahashi, driving the RX-7 which mostly uses RE Amemiya parts, even very similar to mu-7 SPL

Not to forget also to note that RE-Amemiya’s most legendary creations are RX-7 Time Attack mu- 7 SPL, so how can my friends diecast lovers? oh yes, for those of you in the southeast asia region you can contact the unusual43 and for international you can visit here

Top Fuel Dragster Autoworld Diecast New arrivals

Are any of you who like the collection of diecast typecast drag cars? If you really can see the Autoworld brand, because this week Autoworld has shown several diecast images from Top Fuel Dragster several times.

In fact, not only three elements of drivers Terry McMillen, Leah Pritchett and Antron Brown are seen, shown by Diecast Autoworld on a scale of 64.

I never had it, being the top dragster fuel model. But my brother has it and I am not interested in that model. At that time I was in elementary school, which was around 1992. I also didn’t know what the brand was at that time.

This diecast model is clearly very segmented and limited to attraction lovers, because not everyone knows it and is used to it. But for people in America, running a maximum fuel dragster can be an entertainment show.

Now, for those of you who don’t know which race with the strongest fuel, I will try to give a little explanation, who knows after seeing a number of diecast galleries, the maximum fuel dragster model that you are interested in.

So the highest fuel dragster race is the highest caste racing engine in the world of endurance racing on planet Earth, with the fastest record ever reached at 539 kilometers per hour (335 mph) and capable of opening 305 meters (1,000 feet) in just 3.64 seconds only

The car is rather fun because of its long and sharp dimensions armed with a V8 engine equipped with a compressor plus the love of drinking nitro mhetane, this machine can produce very crazy power, 10000 hp, brother. The top fuel dragster does not have a transmission system like most cars, maybe because the driver is so fast that there is no time to play the broadcast.

Due to its high speed, high class dragster fuel race is only 305 meters and not standard 402 meters. This rule was revised in 2008 by the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) after the fatal accident of Scott Kalitta’s funny car pilot during a qualifying session at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park in Englishtown, New Jersey, USA.

Shortening spacing has been used in FIA in some lines, and is now the highest standard of FIA fuel distance. The International Hot Rod Association reduced its range in September 2017 after Santo Rapisarda, a car owner who often joined the NHRA race in the United States, pushed for change. The Australian National Heroes Racing Association is an internationally accredited tester organization with a maximum power of 402 meters (1.320 ft). The standard distance is usually used for spending durability.

Before starting the race, the drivers are often out of energy to clean and warm tires. Additionally, burnout can attach new rubber lining to the surface of the track, which can add ban viscosity in the race.

Review of Nissan GT-R R35 Liberty Walk Zero Fighter

Yess’s Zero Zero Zero Fighter finally the long wait has ended, patience is paying off. You can also finally the Nissan GTR R35 Liberty Walk Zero Fighter products from Lb Performance instead of Mini GT, diecast scale 64.

Yess Nissan GTR R35 The Liberty Walk Zero Fighter is made in diecast instead of resin where the models of cars I previously bought like 2 Lamborghini Aventador & Lamborghini Huracan made with resin. So it’s very prone. I was really surprised when I was unboxing. My initial suspicion was that the burden was heavier than the previous LB performance product. Then I chose a wide field and without accessories, the top car I held felt hard. To make sure I try to pat the index finger with the rhythm of 1/1 slowly then increase until finally, I use the finger joint to pat it, and yess in my heart that the model of this car is diecast.

Indeed the details have dropped by around 10-20%. But maybe this can be fatal if it is applied to the Lamborghini Aventador because indeed sculpting for the Nissan GTR R35 is not as complicated as the Lamborghini Aventador. But to be honest I am more stable if made diecast because I am not too worried when invited to a road trip.

The negative value of the Nissan GTR R35 Liberty Walk Zero Fighter product, which is the first in the box, looks unusual, not exclusively box Lamborghini huracan, which until now still holds the record as the best model car packaging for 64 scales, as well as the base display. The second is the lack of sharp indentation in certain parts that are indeed difficult to apply to models of cars with diecast methods, which is quite reasonable. But when compared to fellow 64-scale diecasters, this product is in the best category.

There is one unique feature here that I have never met, namely in the part of the mirror part the material is made of rubber and it is well formed. Though this part is included in a small part but is able to look different. But there is a part that must be sacrificed, namely in the rearview mirror which finally has to be gone.

Overall product Lb Performance of the Nissan GTR R35 Liberty Walk Zero Fighter is a very good, minor error. And tomorrow I will paste it on my car Dashboard so that he will gather with fellow Liberty Walk, the Lamborghini Aventador Liberty Walk, Monster Energy, and the Lamborghini Huracan Liberty Walk.

How about you already have a collection of Nissan GTR R35 Liberty Walk Zero Fighter yet? Or still hesitant to buy it? Hopefully, after reading my thread, the heart is more determined to buy a Cars Model Diecast Nissan GTR R35 Liberty Walk Zero Fighter from Lb Performance.

Mitsubishi Evo X Tarmac Works Super Taikyu Series 2008

The last legend that was suspended animation, did not budge towards renewal. Silence goes in place. Every generation of yours is always awaited, every generation of yours is always engraved in the hearts of young people. You came with 3 diamonds and you came to echo Evolution.

Please ignore the poem above, because it can make you feverishly acute hahaha. It’s been a long time since this eye didn’t see the appearance of a Mitsubishi Evo on the road, but it doesn’t know why, this past week the eye saw the appearance of 2 Evo units. The first when trying to find the way of mice to avoid congestion, accidentally saw the appearance of the Mitsubishi Evo 3 which still looks pretty good, only the paint is rather faded.

And the second appearance is Misubishi Evo X when I come home from dinner. For this one the body is still yess and the paint is still very good. Very clearly the Evo X is very well cared for by the owner.

And it turns out the two sightings that took place within this week signaled the presence of the Evo X Super Taikyu Series 2008 tarmac products with a very well-known livery brand shock breaker, Ohlins, which was washed in yellow and blue. Comes on a scale of 64 which is so adorable and ready to make us have to break into our savings.

Today I actually want to swear at Tarmac why launching Evo X this month, even though I plan to stop this month first to buy diecast. How about this? My faith is faltering for now, still holding back or being tempted by the Legend Evo X.

A little explanation, tarmac products still remain with diecast, but have not replaced their model cars with resin, the wheels can still rotate even though they are not as hot as the wheels. The level of detail is very good for the 1/64 model car size. Display using archives is still well maintained.

How to Diecast Lovers? Purchased to be a collection or not is the Mitsubishi Evo X Ohlins Livery Tarmac product?

Lamborghini Centenario Autoart Scale 18 Car Model

This month, Autoart seems to spawn a Lamborghini Centenario car model with 2 colors at once, red and yellow. Original product without modification, scale 18.

The yellow color for me is very tempting and charming when compared to the red one, but it feels like it. Wheel rims that are so good and artistic plus round yellow sweeteners are able to remove the character of the wheel whose base is wrapped in carbon.

Judging from the upholstery, it’s beautiful and charming. An artistic carved black base with yellow accents. In addition, the dashboard is very appetizing, as seen here, the dashboard is wrapped in vinyl and given a yellow accent.

The really cool and striking thing is the spoiler. Spoilers can be displayed and hidden like the original version of Centenario. Even hinges & hydraulics look real, not just as a support.

One more thing to forget to explain here is that the top car models can be removed, so you can be more flexible to make a full sports display or roadster display.

In the engine sector, it does not look fierce because the appearance of the engine on Lamborghini looks neat. And this is also followed in this car model without changing or modifying it.

For functional models, all Lamborghini Centenario cars function properly. From the trunk, engine hood, doors, wheels, a steering wheel that is able to turn right and left, and shock absorbers.

How are the diecast lovers friends is this product model of the autoart lamborghini Centenario car ready for you to make a collection? Choose red or yellow, please follow your taste.

Diecast Flame Phonegraphy

by: ack twentyfour

The last day we work, tomorrow is the holiday time bro. Don’t need to go too far, because Monday you have to work again, don’t let the picnic make your body not fit.

Next Sunday DiecastOraSambat farewell resign first bro, there is a free ticket to the zoo, and when I can meet my beautiful daughter. So I want to spend the day off tomorrow with him.

For today’s thread, we play photography again bro. This time with the DiecastFlame theme. Not diecast photo with fire and burn effect but only diecast with fire livery.

Here really only speaks of simplicity that is able to arouse enthusiasm without knowing the glitter of the world. Wild imagination in the limitation of breaking through the establishment out there.

There are various works from our friends who might be able to inspire us all how to create simplicity and limitations that invite beauty to come and welcome warmth with all of us when we see.

There are many brands and also the motives presented by them. Not only that, many photos here are produced from phonegraph, namely photography generated from cellphones. Because the camera’s camera capabilities are now quite good and good enough to produce a work.

Especially in 2019 there are lots of mobile phones that are released with amazing camera capabilities and features. Even from one of the cellphone brands there are 3 lenses to make one frame. Obviously this is a tremendous surge for the cellphone camera class. Indeed, I have never tried it, because it is so expensive.

All right, let’s just see with the Diecast Photography gallery with the theme Diecast Flame Photography.

Open PO Ignition Model Cars Calsonic Primera 1/43 scale

welcome back diecast lovers are still with DiecastOraSambat. Today I bring the latest news from the product Ignition model to scale 43. Comes with Nissan Primera Calsonic products. This livery was used during the event race in 1994 JTCC IINTERTEC FUJI, with its driver Kazuyoshi Hoshino.

This limited edition car model was produced plus a Kazuyoshi Hoshino figure stand package and at this time there was an announcement that PO was opened starting May 13, 2019 at 20.30 Hong Kong Time zone (UTC + 8) at IG International online shop. That’s for customers outside of Japan. If you really want the Nissan Primera Calsonic collection just follow the PO.

Indeed, not too many people know Kazuyohi Hoshino but that does not mean that this product is underestimated, who knows 10 or 20 years and even more Kazuyoshi Hoshino diecast stand figure models are able to show their fangs and will be a high selling point, because there are old or new generation collectors who really want this figure and the car nissan primera calsonic model.

To just know what track records Kazuyoshi Hoshino has had during his racing career, the following is the list:

  • Six-time Japanese Formula Top Champion (now known as Super Formula) – All-time record
  • Five-time Fuji Grand Champion Series Champion – uncomparable record
  • Two-time All-Japan Sports Prototype Champion
  • Two-time All-Japan Touring Car Champion
  • 39 Japanese Top Formula Race Victories career – All-time Record
  • 28 career Fuji Grand Champion Series Race Victories
  • 21 career Japanese Touring Car Championship Race Victories
  • 10 All-Japan Endurance careers / Sports Race Prototype Championship Victories
  • 2 career All-Japan GT Championship now better known as Super GT Race Victories
  • Three-time race Fuji 1000 km (6 Hours of Fuji) Winner (1985, 1991, 1992)
  • Two-time Fuji Inter-TEC 500km Winner (1990, 1991)
  • 1990 Suzuka International 1000km Winner
  • 1992 24 Hours of Daytona Winner
  • 170 career Japanese prime Formula Races – uncomparable record
  • 9 twenty four Hours of autoimmune disorder Mans Entries – Best finish: third (1998)
  • 1982 Bathurst 1000 B Class Winner

And the latest info in 2017 to commemorate Kazuyoshi Hoshino’s achievements on the second day of the official Autobacs Super GT Series test at the Suzuka Circuit, an extraordinary inter-session ceremony was held to honor one of Japan’s legendary motorbikes at once – when Kazuyoshi Hoshino, founder and CEO Impul, celebrates his 70th birthday.
Join thousands of fans for this take a look at, Association Chairman GT Masaaki Bandoh, and members of the Jewish calendar month GT-R # twelve Calsonic Impals Team together with drivers Hironobu Yasuda and Jann Mardenborough.
The ceremony was held by songwriter Pierre Kitagawa, and the director and founder of Impul, nicknamed “The Fastest Man in Japan” for more than 50 years racing career as a driver and owner, was given a special flower arrangement and birthday at the Suzuka tower.

Ninja Series Datsun 510 Greenlight

A very tiring day and draining of energy, mind and patience. Hopefully this is just me who experienced not making friends for Diecast Lovers there all. May God always give happiness to all of you. Oh yeah, friend, who is here collecting Datsun 510? There is a leak from this Mini3Garage, the Ninja Series Datsun 510.
There are 6 motifs from Ninja that are ready to explore, and hide for the collector, with the aim to be hunted by you and ready in the sniper for his choice. This Ninja Datsun 510 series looks stunning with a fire motif and combined with Summon Orochi can add a mystical and sadistic impression.

I don’t know how much to launch on the market, but if you are interested you can just ask Mini3Garage, maybe he will explain it. When is launched and can be obtained anywhere from the Ninja Series Datsun 510 collection.

This is a very solid collaboration, considering that Ninja itself is a legend that still lives its spirit until now, even Ninja stories always exist from generation to generation, combined with Datsun 510 which is included in the legend of sports cars.

A little talk about the history of the Datsun 510 sports car, this legendary sports car, was first marketed in the United States using the I4 series engine, which has a 1.6L capacity, and uses “Hitachi downdraft carbureted”. The power produced reaches 96 hp (72kW), with maximum Top speed is 100mph.

Outside the United States, the paired engine is a J series, an OHV type with a “push rod engine”. In September 1970, an engine with a capacity of 1.3L was enlarged to 1.4L and a 1.6L capacity engine was replaced with a 1.8L engine.
Datsun 510’s popularity among high-ability car enthusiasts is also supported by the ease of “upgrading” with other versions of datsun parts. A strong frame, and a flexible dimension of the engine space, can accommodate the type of transmission or engine from the next generation Datsun, with only a few modifications. Some examples include:

  • L1.8 series engine with 1.8L capacity.
  • L20B series engine with 2.0L capacity, including the Turbo version.
  • The “63mm (shaft-center distance) 5-speed transmissions” transmission made for 200SX (S10) and HL510 (A10).
  • The “71mm 5-speed transmissions” transmission, used in the 280-series Z (S30 & S130), 200SX ’80 -’83 (S110) production in 1980 – 1983, 810 produced from 1977-1980, 810 / Maxima / Bluebird (910) ) production in 1981-1984, Skyline C210 / R30 series. This transmission is also used in the 620/720 / D21 type pick-up / truck series

Datsun 510 is indeed born as a car that is ready to compete, because its features greatly support its performance such as:

  • It has been equipped with Disc brakes on the front wheels.
  • independent suspension on the 4 wheels (MacPherson strut on the front and semi trailing arm on the rear.
  • For the station wagon, use “solid rear live axle” and per leaf on the back.
  • Using a very strong rear wheel drive system.
  • Two transmission options, namely: 4-speed manual or 3-speed automatic.
  • Many choices of models are: 2-door sedan, 4-door sedan and 4-door station wagon.
  • The very strong power of the engine does not mean wasteful of fuel. As a result of testing factories in the United States, Datsun 510 fuel consumption is only 20-30 mpg.
    All Datsun 510 types with US specifications, since 1970 are equipped with “anti-sun glass”

That’s a bit of a review of the Datsun 510 sports car, which will come with model cars skla 64, Ninja Series Datsun 510 from Greenlight products.

Pict all by: mini3garage

review of Lamborghini Aventador Monster Energy Lb works

According to my promise yesterday that today we will review the Lamborghini Aventador Monster Energy Lb Works, a product that is only produced limited to 999, made handmade with basic resin materials, scale 64.

For this time, I got a serial number of 256, it’s fine than not getting it. This model of the car lamborghini aventador monster energy lb works is very impressive to me, because the level of detail is very good and almost I can’t find a negative side gap. There are only a few questions in this model car, which is the livery.

What exactly is in the mind of the makers of this model cars, why are the livery parts not made in water slide decal, but ordinary decals. Is it possible to catch up to look like the real one using a decal? But what happened a little seemed less integrated with the overall body. More looks sticked to the body. If you just use a water slide decal like in the previous version, I think this model of cars will be even better. And it can be categorized as a perfect 64 scale car model.

The second is on the seat, indeed the seat looks sporty but the unfortunate one is not shown a color combination, here it just looks all black. So that the level of detail of the seat is blurred and neglected. Why not give a little color composition breaker like in the previous series. But this can be used by custom diecast activists to modify the seat sector.

If in the previous thread someone asked the wheel to spin or not? I will answer for lb works on scale 64 there are no wheels that can rotate. And that did not affect me, because what I was looking for was the level of detail in collecting model cars. For what wheels can rotate and the door can be opened if the details are not worked out nicely. An example is a diecast product that is much older and has a lot of known brands, even the premium class is not able to approach the level of detail.

There is one more question, if anyone knows, please scribble in the comments column. Whose work is made by, is it ok? For the scale of 18, Masahiro is sure to work, because he uploaded himself on his Instagram, from the process to finishing. But whoever created it, I salute you and I raise 4 thumbs up for you.

If there are still those who open a PO or sell it and you really want to have it, you don’t need to hesitate to have it to be collected. I myself have collected lb products works Lamborghini Aventador and lamborghini huracan. How about you?

Diecast Photography Dodge American Muscle Themes

Before tomorrow we review the Lamborghini Aventador Monster Energy Lb Works which is currently on its way to the garage DiecastOraSambat, today we wash our eyes first bro.

We first enjoy the results of our friends, all of us who are carrying the Diecast Photograhy with the Dodge Diecast Photography theme. Cool and amazing photos have been produced by all of us. Their work is very worthy of appreciation and recognition throughout the world.

In this photo we can also get to know more about dodge cars. Because if you talk about a Dodge car then the first thing in our mind is all the car that is driven by Dom Toreto. Like the Dodge Charger R / T, Challenger, plymouth daytona, even Dodge Viper.

But it turned out that Dodge’s car was a pickup class and Van also existed and existed in his year. Just peel the American Muscle car, bro, including Dodge in it. American Muscle is a type of American-made car that has a large cylinder capacity (CC) and power (BHP). No wonder, even though the car is old but the engine performance of this car dares to be pitted against younger cars. And even though it looks old but that’s what people like most about this car, because it seems classic and antique.

Muscle cars usually refer to high-performance cars, usually in the form of a mid-size 2-door sedan with a V8 engine and rear-wheel drive. This car is not too concerned with features, but prioritizes the engine power. Some opinions say that muscle cars were mostly produced in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Most of these cars are marketed by well-known manufacturers such as Dodge, Ford, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Pontiac, Plymouth, etc.

Chrysler is one of the first few car manufacturers to popularize the muscle car (American muscle). This company came with the C-300 in 1955, which not only became the latest attraction in America, but one of the best-selling cars of the century. Offering a horse-powered car with 300 hp, this car can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph, in 9.8 seconds. The C-300 is indeed the most powerful car in America.

During the 1960s, muscle cars gained enormous popularity. Many companies such as Plymouth, Chrysler, Ford and Dodge race on the drag track. The 1962 Dodge Dart Max Wedge is capable of running more than 110 mph or 170 kph. In 1964, other muscle cars, such as the Pontiac GTO, Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro and Pontiac Firebird, appeared. And Dodge is under the auspices of the Chrysaler.

But if in the past the Dodge brothers, especially John Dodge, did not decide to stop as a Ford stockist, maybe until now we will not know the Dodge Car’s magnitude and Muscle.