Review Lamborghini Aventador scale 64 by LB Work

Lamborghini Aventador scale 64 by LB Work – Hallo Diecast Lover’s this time DiecastOraSambat will review the new Diecast released by LB. Scale 64, which is the Lamborghini Aventador which he said only produced 999.

This Lamborghini Aventador product is made from resin. If seen written in the box, it is written very clearly handmade. Here the question arises, are these products really handmade one by one? If indeed yes, then it is true if in the production there are some that fail. One example is mine.

The obvious disadvantages are in the rear sector, precisely in the rear grill under the lights. There is a file in detailing painting, which is quite unfortunate for highend products, there are errors in detailing painting, especially this product is only produced 999.

The advantages of the Lamborghini Aventador scale 64 products from LB.Work are in the detailing model. Obviously this product is very superior when compared to the competitors who first fought in the diecast world. Plus the workmanship in the decimal sector can I say perfect. Interior matters are also very special, even this Lamborghini Aventador seat is the same as the Origin Seat.

Indeed the superiority of products made from resin is in the detailing of the model and coloring. I can say 90% is like 1: 1. Overall the 64 scale Lamborghini Aventador product from LB.Work is very good and worthy of being a collection. For more details, please go to the Youtube channel 

A little extra let me add more interest, which is about the Lamborghini Aventador kitchen. This car is equipped with a L539, 4VALVE, DOHC engine with a step x diameter of 95.0 mm x 76.4 mm which has a compression ratio of 11.8: 1. This engine can issue maximum power reaching 552 KW at 8400 rpm, while for torque reaching 90 Nm at engine speed 5,500 rpm.

The performance produced by the engine is channeled with a full injectio fuel system so that the supercar can produce energy that is so perfect. And the resulting acceleration is 0-100km / h in just 2.9 seconds the steering system gearbox with 7 speed automatic.

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