Honda Fit RS Inno64 Review

Inno64 Honda Fit Rs Review – comes back to accompany Diecast Lover’s DiecastOraSambat this time will review the booming new product namely Inno64 Honda Fit RS Products. In Indonesia it is more popular as a Honda Jazz RS.

You know, this Diecast Inno64 Honda Fit RS was first released on Toysoul HK this year 2019. By presenting Jun Auto livery. First of all I have seen it immediately. Moreover, the Honda Fit in Indonesia is still attached to the dream city car of young people.

Comes with a yellow background, combined with its black Jun Livery. This makes the Honda Fit RS so seductive, a harmonious blend as if describing wise firmness.

Basic material is metal but is capable of presenting captivating details the lights also use mica so that the real impression is able to emerge well. What I like most is in the interior, especially on the seat. Seat Honda Fit RS uses the Racing Concept from the Bride brand. The tires have also been racing and rubber so it looks real plus there are several other accessories such as spoilers, diffuser, adding to the sporty impression.

But are there no shortcomings for this special product? Still there are still defects. That is on the front plate number, the installation is slightly tilted and also on the front diffuser on the right side (seen from the front not from driving), there it is clearly less attached to the bumper properly.

That’s the advantages and disadvantages of Inno64 Honda Fit RS scale 64. This deficiency may only exist on some of its products, not necessarily everything like that. I just happened to get something like that. Overall, it is still good for diecasting on a 64 scale, you can watch the full on the Youtube Channel.  

A little extra let me add the performance sector, in fact all types of New Jazz are equipped by the same engine base, namely the 1.5 L SOHC inline cylinder, 16 i-VTEC + DBW valves with PGM-FI fuel supply that is capable of delivering impressive and powerful performance. The engine base on the Honda Jazz itself has been very tested because this car has often dropped on the racing track or slalom. Power presented by the engine on the New Jazz itself is very capable with the ability to spit out a maximum power of 88 Kw (120 PS) / 6,600 rpm and also a maximum torque of 14.8 kg.m (145Nm) 4,800 rpm.

Besides being able to provide superior performance, the Honda Jazz engine is also known to be economical thanks to the application of Drive by Wire (DBW) technology which results in throttle valve open-close control for more precise acceleration but still fuel economy. As for the drive itself, the Honda Jazz uses a front-wheel drive that is integrated in two transmissions, namely a 5-speed manual and a 5-speed automatic. For the New Jazz automatic transmission carries a CVT type engine complete with Earth Dreams Technology technology to produce smoother transmission movements and maximum engine performance ..

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