Nissan Skyline Diecast Photography

Nissan Skyline Diecast Photography – Accompanying you all weekend, DiecastOraSambat wants to share the gallery with the Nissan Skyline Diecast Photography Theme.

photo by: ade wisnu

This theme appeared in my head because I watching the trailer of Fast Furious 9. Somehow this memory immediately gave Brian O’Conner the name of his favorite Nissan Skyline car. Who does not know and feels that Brian O’Conner is the main character in Fast Furious. For the Fast Furious film lovers, the emptiness is very felt with the absence of the character, even though the story has been retired from the race & war adventure world.

photo by: ridsaky

Finally DiecastOraSambat began searching for galleries related to Diecast Nissan Skyline. It’s not too much, but at least from the gallery that appears, it can be a reference for all of you to capture your favorite diecast into the gallery.

photo by: tubagus atmajaya

In this article Diecast OraSambat will bring up Hakosuka, Skyline R34, & GTR R35. Plus cool & cool dioramas that make the photos more dazzling.

photo by: agus wijayanto

Ok, it doesn’t need to be too long, please refer to the gallery that has been tested. Hopefully this reference is able to add insight & imagination to all of Diecast Lover’s ingredients.

photo by: 13garage
photo by: adi aphoey
photo by: jacksimobilkecil

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