Diecast & Food Photography Theme

Photo By: Gunk Guz

The world of Photography is indeed wide, any concept can be affordable. This time DiecastOraSambat will present a concept that can excite culinary lover’s and Diecast Lover’s.

This time the Diecast Photography concept presents Diecast & Food Themes. This concept is unique because it is able to harmonize food & drink as a basic necessity with diecast as a hobby. The combination of this concept turned out to be able to arouse hunger and thirst that ignites. Hungry & thirst for diecast food & drink. This concept also combines photography food & diecast techniques.

Photo by: leon angeline

That’s why I say the concept of photography with this diecast & food theme is unique and interesting. Unique and interesting for those who see it as well as photographers. They are able to combine compositions, angle & food photo lighting with compositions, angle, & lighting diecast nicely and blend well and attractively.

Photo By: Ghulit

The purpose of DiecastOraSambat presenting the theme of diecast & food is to provide inspiration for all food photography enthusiasts and photography diecast so that they can evoke more and more wild imagination in the field of photography. And who knows there will be a similar competition, so you can develop your own imagination from the inspiration you have seen in photography diecast & food themes.

Photo by: Handy Fach

Ok brother, so it’s not too long Diecast OraSambat presents photos from our brothers and sisters all in Themes Photography Diecast & Food.

Photo by: Handy Fech
Photo by: Udee Racer
Photo By: Oktaf Fredyanto

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