Diecast and Coffee Photography

Diecast and Coffee Photography – Hi Lur how are the weather conditions in your city now, hot or rainy? In my city it’s cloudy and drizzling. It is very suitable for the weather like this accompanied by a cup or 2 cups of coffee, it is really delicious it feels good.

photo by: handy fach

Talking about coffee, how about today we all talk about the concept of photography with the theme Diecast and Coffee? Agree, Lur … ok, we go on with creamy coffee to make it soft to enjoy the diecast.

photo by: yudriansyah

Photography coffee itself is so cool and fun to make, everyone has their own imagination of coffee according to their coffee tastes. Some like black coffee, milk coffee, cream coffee, coffee makers or local coffee concoctions. From the love of coffee, it is able to produce extraordinary works in the field of photography, both for professional and amateur classes.

photo by: aditya teguh

Likewise with diecast photography, even in the world of diecast, each collector has his own love for his diecast collection. Some like JDM, American Muscle, European, Classic, Vintage, Retro, Sport, etc. They also recognize each other’s characters properly. So as to be able to aim at the diecast collection well to highlight the features of each diecast character itself.

photo by: wiki wirawan

Therefore the combination of Diecast and Coffee will be able to produce cool and extraordinary photography works. Coffee is able to excite passion in the work, Diecast which is able to climax the theme combination of Photography Diecast and Coffee.

photo by: achadi pujo

Like drinking coffee, how to enjoy it by gently sipping it, then enjoy the photography Diecast and Coffee theme works slowly & deeply.

photo by: araya basema

Hopefully the Photography Diecast and Coffee gallery from the brothers DiecastOraSambat is able to inspire all of you. Especially for those of you who might be working on TA and are confused about what theme for the TA. Hopefully by reading the DiecastOraSambat article to get ideas & inspiration for a photo concept and still of life photography, Happy working on art.

photo by: pasundan diecast
photo by: aji mei
photo by: jacksimobilkecil

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