Tarmac Works Honda Civic EK 9 Shell Coming Soon

Tarmac Works Honda Civic EK 9 Shell Coming Soon – Hi, friend, DiecastOraSambat there is important info that must be told to you by Honda Civic Tarmac Works product lovers. That is the birth of Honda Civic Type R EK9 products with livery racing Shell. The Tarmac Works itself plans to launch the Honda Civic Type R EK9 Livery Racing Shell on March 22-24 2019 at the Singapore Diecast Expo 2019.

EK9 Honda Civic Type R Livery Racing Shell from the Tarmac Works produced in 1920, can be said to be a Limited Edition product. For those of you Honda Civic collectors don’t just run out just come at Singapore Diecast Expo 2019 which is located in Bugis +, Bugis + Atrium, Level 2 & Civic Plaza, Level 1.

A little talk of history about the Honda Civic Type R EK9.

The first Civic to receive the Type R badge was introduced in August 1997, as EK9. The EK9 shares many characteristics with the Integra DC2 / JDM DB8 Type R such as sound deadness omission and other weight reduction measures, hand-ported B16B engine, limited-slip front helical differential and near gearbox ratio etc. The B16B engine boasts one of the highest power outputs per liter of all time for naturally-aspirated engines with 185 PS (136 kW; 182 hp) of 1.6L engine displacement. For the first time, a welded stitch monocoque chassis is used to increase chassis rigidity. The interior features Recaro red seats, Red door cards and Type R red mats, shift knob titanium and Momo wrapped in steering wheel leather.

In 1999, Type Rx was introduced featuring a CD player, colored body electrically retractable door mirrors, power windows, automatic air conditioners, key-less note opening systems, sports aluminum pedals, and a carbon center type panel. The Sir badge from the previous 2 generations was submitted to the EK4 Civic as the main hatchback sedan and sold in large numbers throughout the world due to the relatively low cost, practicality and everyday use of street performance / drivability.

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