Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Maisto Toys 64

Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Maisto Toys 64 – Diecast with the imagined Maisto brand is definitely diecast with a scale of 24, 18 and more. DiecastOraSambat did not expect Maisto to issue a scale of 64 but it could be said 1: 100 to release. So if there is Maisto issuing a 64 scale it is clear that this is very special.

During this time, DiecastOraSambat never explored Maisto Diecast because it was DiecastOraSambat rarely to buy from the Maisto brand. Indeed Maisto is the first brand DiecastOraSambat to buy, and until now it only has one with a 24 Dodge Viper scale, all of which has vanished when I know the scale of 64. For some reason today DiecastOraSambat got lost on the Maisto brand and looked at 64 diecast scale.

It turns out that the 64-scale diecast from Maisto is quite interesting and seems to be diecast. DiecastOraSambat wants to try having a 64-scale diecast after seeing the Chevrolet Camaro z28 with its Flatbed Truck. Photos that appear here are real without editing so that they can appear real details, and are very good for 64 scale.

The work of the paint and livery is also very charming. Even if seen from this photo it seems that Flatbad from this truck is functioning in a real way. For the foot sector DiecastOraSambat not too sure because of the lack of lighting. But if the wheels are wrapped in rubber, this will add to the perfection of the Maisto Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Diecast.

Honestly in my country it’s hard to get Maisto products on a scale of 64. But if you get there, as usual DiecastOraSambat will definitely buy it so you can share it to the Diecast Lover’s elegance on the Maisto brand scale 64.

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