New Release Diecast Johny Lightning Truck and Trailer

New Release Diecast Johny Lightning Truck and Trailer – Roads on weekends see left and right, trees and birds all welcome cheerfully. It’s a cool song to welcome the weekend and accompany us for the holidays. The weekend arrives with us with family or family friends to a place that suits their tastes and away from the city.

What if this holiday we use Camper Trailer to camp on the beach or the forest enjoy the beauty of nature? Certainly agree, right, this is perfect because last year Johny Lightning released diecast with the theme Truck and Trailer. I think this is very suitable for camping needs with friends or family.

This Diecast Johny Lightning Truck and Trailer works with the Chevrolets brand, there are 3 types released

1. Chevrolet Stepside 1950
2. Chevrolet Fleetside 1965
3. Chevrolet Tahoe 1997

Of the 3 types where your lover Diecast Lover’s? if it is DiecastOraSambat Choose the Fleetside.Ok a little explanation of the Chevrolet Fleetside
Power comes from 235-cid six veterans or 283-cid V-8s. Three-speed transmission with and without overdrive, four speed, and Hydra-matic. Differential slippage limited to position is a new option. The standard wheelbase is still 114 inches, giving it a 6.5-foot bed, but a 123-inch wheelbase with an 8.3-foot bed is optional. Ford has the advantage, with a full nine-foot box available.

These sturdy-looking pickup enhancements are integrated cabin construction, 1000 square-inch wide windshield, 18-inch steering wheel, coil spring seat and surface ventilation.
How dude more excited to go on vacation with friends or family with Johny Lightning Truck and Trailer Diecast right. Can’t wait to be approved? tomorrow is the chance for you to hunt Diecast Johny Lightning Truck and Trailer, Happy Hunt, friend, Diecast Lover’s

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