Diecast Photography Movie Cars

Diecast Photography Movie Cars – Weekend is a day for vacation or just a family gathering after 6 days of hard and tiring work, vacation and family gathering is indeed a powerful medicine. Whereas for lovers of diecast and photography it is usually spent on hunting or making works.

photo by: Agil Corazon
photo by: Brandy

Today Diecast OraSambat will present works that can bridge diecast, photography and movie lovers. Because today’s inspiration is Diecast Photography Movie Car. Because indeed some well-known Diecast brands release Movie Car themes such as Ghostbuster, Batman, The Cars, Herbie, Scooby-doo, Fast Farious, James Bond, Back to the Future etc. It is usually for theme themes like this, the leading Hot wheels.

photo by: Hanz Van Hanhan

Packaging unique and funny works can indeed make us smile on our own when we see it or during the process. Because imagined or remembered the silliness of the film scene, or remembered the tension because the action scenes were so stunning.

photo by: Sukma Bajuben

If DiecastOraSambat has never bought a Diecast Movie Car, if you find it on the road ever and that’s a Cars movie whose main character is Lightning Mc Queen. But DiecastOraSambat finds the character Luigi who has a tire shop on Route 66. Route 66 has a long history and is very iconic as road in America. Many films, music, bands inspired by this historic road. Like the film The Cars that raised the city of Springfield.

photo by: Noval Niam

Route 66 was inaugurated on November 11, 1926 and was deactivated June 27, 1985. Why did it discuss The Mother Road Route 66 in this focus?

photo by: Rudi Ariz

Diecast OraSambat, seems to be wiped out by The Cars so it gets lost in its world Lightning Mc Queen, Why is it almost the same as Si The Mc Queen truck is sleepy and makes Mc Queen get out of the truck then gets lost. Ok, we’re back on the main topic of Diecast Photography Movie Cars.

photo by: Dimas Wega

How can’t you wait to see the results of a camera shoot from our Diecast Photography lovers who have a Movie Cars collection, the following Diecast Inspiration Gallery Photography Movie Cars.

photo by: Chrizt azza
photo by: Moch Nda

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