Honda Civic EG6 Spoon Japan N1 Endurance series 1993 Limited edition

2 Today is a happy day for Diecast Lover’s, yes because indeed these two days are right for Singapore Diecast Expo 2019, starting from yesterday on March 22, 2019.

All hunters around the world gather at this annual event. In addition, in this event, the companies released some of their newest products and also introduced any new products that will be released in the near future.

At the Singapore event, the Diecast Expo introduced two products at once from Honda, namely
1. Honda Civic EG6 Spoon | Japan N1 Endurance series 1993 | Limited edition

2. Honda Civic EK9 Shell | FARA; Homestead II 2016 | Limited edition 1920 pcs

But sorry for the 2 Honda Civic EG6 products and also EK9 already sold out 6 hours ago. Don’t be disappointed, Diecast Lover’s if the hunters are evil. Stay calm among those who buy when not all collectors, there are also sellers. You can still get it either by direct purchase or auction system.
To treat your disappointment, we should tell a little story of the two Honda Civic.

Honda Civic EG6 First appeared in 1992 with the characteristic of full orange front turn signal, side lights near fenders, original alloy wheels with 5 bars and still using 1 ply radiator. In 1994 a facelift appeared with a difference in the form of a fog lamp, a twilight lamp, no side lights and a 2 ply radiator. The features available on this car are quite complete. Power steering, power windows, central lock and electric mirrors already exist. For entertainment facilities a radio / tape cassette is available. The safety features are quite good with the seat belt in the back seat and rear brakes that have been using discs even though they have not been ventilated.

The advantages of the Honda Civic Estilo are the impression of sportiness and body models that are timeless. The handling of this car is very good thanks to being supported by an independent front rear double wishbone suspension and stabilizer.

As for the Honda Civic EK9 you can check here. Ok, this is the news today from DiecastOraSambat, tomorrow we will continue to go back still about Singapore Diecast Expo 2019

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