Ferrari 458 Liberty Walk MCE Model Car Mall

Still around the Singapore Diecast Expo 2019, MCE Model Car Mall seems to glance to embrace the Liberty Walk LB performance for its cars model. And was introduced when the Ingapore Diecast Expo 2019 was held.

pict by: mini3garage

The flagship product for scale 64 introduced by MCE at the Singapore Diecast Expo is a Ferrari 458 with costumes from the Liberty Walk LB Performance. It seems that MCE does not want to be left behind to enliven the 64 scale market with a custom car model from Liberty Walk LB Performance from newcomers in the diecast world and scale 64 namely MiniGT. We know the beginning of MiniGT’s arrival immediately took the Liberty Walk LB Performance with its flagship product at that time the Nissan GTR R35, and the model was immediately in demand in the market.

The MCE penetration is quite good because it features a Ferrari 458 with a custom model from the Liberty Walk LB Performance where there are not many competitors playing there. 2 years ago ferrari exclusive rights were held by Bburago but Bburago itself was not observant without cooperating with Custom Cars such as the Liberty Walk LB Performance, Pandem Rocket Bunny and RWB So all Ferrari Bburago products at that time only appeared standard by putting Ferrari’s exterior and interior details exclusive.

pict by: mini3garage 

Foresight MCE enough thumbed up by prioritizing the Ferrari 458 Liberty Walk Model Car which in fact had already customed several Ferrari 458. For the first session only the Ferrari 458 Liberty Walk from the MCE was finished, and DiecastOraSambat did not miss at that time. And for the expo which is now also Diecast OraSambat remains with the same fate of not having a match with the Ferrari 458 Liberty Walk.

MCE released 3 colors for the Ferrari 458 Liberty Walk, namely Gun Metal color, Pink Candy Color, and Yellow Color. The basic material of this car model is not diecast resin, so it can bring out perfect details, even for the engine sector it is well made so that it is very beautiful to look at when seen from the rear.

pict by: mini3garage

Ok so for the news today, Diecast Lovers is waiting for the next news about Vintage Car and more on Vintage Sport. For the Collector Vintage Car, this model must have made lust because it’s really a hot model. But for scale 64 collectors don’t be sad because the Vintage Car Model is 1/18 scale.

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