Hot Wheels Roborace Car Diecast 64

The new era of the racing world seems to be coming soon, along with new technology, new cars with new designs. This is clearly extraordinary for the world of technology but not for human skills. As long as this technology is still in the positive sphere everything will be fine and safe.

Today Hot wheels introduced its new diecast, Roborace. The shape of the car is very futuristic, with aerodynamics that are simple, fused and perfect. Do you think of me? That this is fantasy cars from products Hot wheels? Apparently it’s not a friend, it’s not a fantasy car but it’s real. Judging from the official account Hot wheels collaborated with Roborace.

This Roborace is definitely a pioneer of unmanned robot cars that will change even the car revolution in the future. The car does not need to be driven but becomes a place to ride as well as an introduction to our departure. With a car like this “Everybody is a Boss” the car moves according to google maps.

If anyone already knows Roborace info, please understand if I am late for a long time. It turns out that this Roborace has been announced by Formula E in 2015 that it will hold the first unmanned race in the world in 2016. Formula E itself is a racing competition under the auspices of the FIA.

Because this car race without crew is why it’s called a roborace and every team that competes will get the same car, you could say this is One Make Race. This Roborace Designer is Daniel Simon, his previous work was a vehicle that was on the Tron Legacy film. No wonder if the design of the vehicle model is almost similar, the futuristic nuance is very thick by putting forward perfect aerodynamics. This Roborace car is capable of racing at high speed that is translucent 300km / hour.

And Hot wheels here are able to present a Roborace Car well, this is possible because of the design of the Roborace itself which is simple and arguably resembles a toy. So Hot Wheels had no trouble printing the Roborace Diecast. Even though we all know that Hotwheels from the initial production period until now have never released the car model perfectly. But we don’t know yet that Hot Wheels will release one unit or several units with several colors. Only Hot Wheels and Team Market know.

If you are curious about Roborace, please just visit the official website of or IG @roborace
There you can see it from development to finishing. There are even human vs roborace videos.

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