Hot Wheels The Gulf Racing Series 2019

This Friday Diecast OraSambat is quite busy with real-world activities, almost forgetting to greet and accompany Diecast Lovers who are hungry for new product info and diecast issues. Calm down, DiecastOraSambat still has the remaining energy to inform all of you about diecast.

The current info is on Hot Wheels, because Hot Wheels has a new Diecast release with the Hot Wheels Car Culture Mix 2019 theme The Gulf Racing Series. This is very suitable for all of you who have a focus on the Gulf Racing Series collection.

This time the Hot Wheels Car Culture Mix 2019 The Gulf Racing Series spawns 4 Diecast units, namely the Mustang Boss, McLaren F1, Nissan Laurel, Fiat 500 & VW golf wrapped in the Gulf Racing livery. Indeed, since the initial presence of Hot Wheels collaborated with The Gulf Racing Series, this product has always been the target of diecast collectors and focuses.

It seems that we also need to know the history of the Gulf Racing Team and its work in the world of racing.

headquartered in 1901 at Spindletop, Texas, Gulf promptly grew to become certainly one of america’s oil giants, involved in all aspects of the business, from exploration, through refining, to providing the realm’s first drive-in provider station (in 1911).

From across the Thirties, the company begun dabbling in motorsport sponsorship, a advertising and marketing strategy that, for a lot of, reached a high element within the Sixties, when British racer and engineer John Wyer led the area sportscar championship successful Ford GT40-based Mirage task.

while these enormous-killers grew to become bedroom wall pin-united statesfor a generation of stripling petrol heads, a young German fan grew to be passionate about the theory of going one up on his mates’ scale fashions, and one day owning the precise issue.

while we might commit a complete difficulty to the whole collection, we’ve drawn the road at eight machines that optimum embody the Gulf Racing spirit, including the customized constructed.

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