Ignition Model Exclusive Diecast Collection at Singapore Diecast Expo 2019

Hi buddy, Diecast Lovers, back to the Singapore story, Diecast Expo 2019, there is something left to tell, namely from the two Ignition models. There is something special there besides the diecast collection that is displayed but there is also the figure of the owner of Rumah Modif Pandem Rocket Bunny, Who else is it if it’s not Kei Miura.

From DiecastOraSambat to getting to know the Ignition Model, its flagship product is collaboration with Rocket Bunny Pandem. And indeed we know that every Ignition Model releases Pandet Rocket Bunny products, as expensive as these products must be sold well on an international market scale.

So there’s nothing wrong if we also know more about who Kei Miura is the owner of Pandet Rocket Bunny, this story may be long enough, friend, Diecast Lover’s prepares coffee first, how is coffee ready to accompany reading the story of Kei Miura with Pandem Rocket Bunny? Wokey raises your cup. Coffee first, Jreng.

Who is Sih Kei Miura, the Genius Figure Behind the Rocket Rabbit
We’re not even with Rocket Bunny. This is currently one of the styles of aero kits (usually-kits) that are popular in the world. Karaker is almost lowered, because with this, overfenders and duck tails can appear wider and aggressive.
but it’s wrong. that doesn’t mean we can modify the car like that so we can go straight to Rocket Bunny. maybe exactly “what” is Rocket Bunny. or rude, ahem … Rocket Bunny hijacked.
you know?
Rocket Bunny is a рrоduk bоdу-kit made and sold by TRA Kyoto in Japan. However, we want to be Rocket Bunny, we have to buy it from Tоkо or its official distributor. It might just be a Rocket Rabbit.

After Rocket Bunny, there is a brand that is actually a modified body-kit character. I, who also design Liberty Walk and RWB products (Rauh Welt Begriff). As soon as I come back, I really think Rocket Bunny is not this stream, but one product or brand of modification flow. maybe it’s a Japanese style overfender or whatever it’s called.

What’s different from Rocket Bunny? Why is this popular in the car world?
We will discuss it without just Rocket Bunny as another product from TRA Kyoto. we will also get to know more closely with its creator, Kei Miura. Car enthusiasts known for their great genius and style.
from the start јјј. Prepare the coffee.
History of TRA Kyoto

Get to know Ken Miura, the genius behind Rocket Bunny
Kei Miura is a 47-year-old modifier that јugа is the founder of TRA Kyoto. first in the 80s, culture had begun to grow rapidly. this is because of the influence of championships or races in America and Europe. if there are already many people, especially young people, they are also inspired to compete. The last racing road is very mushrooming in the world. or whether it was in the past (wangan), the city of hill towns (touge). Every night the place is filled with automotive addicts who race wildly or just play.
according to Kei Miura, at that time the office in his area was often full of confiscated cars. Even so full, until the parking lot is lost, not enough to accommodate other confiscated cars!

Get to know Ken Miura, the genius behind Rocket Bunny
His love for automotive, good motorbikes, gave him a lifestyle or a popular Japanese gang called Bosozoku. Kei Miura at that time made an automotive team named team 6666. Besides that, I also ended up in the Kanjozoku, aka the wild race of the Osaka highway, precisely on Kanjo Loop (Kanjo Racing).
Well, hobbies and automotive races are aligned with rampant modifications or adjustments. in 1995, Kei Miura decided to go as a train as the only way to go. he founded TRA Kyoto, which stands for Kyoto Racing Racing Art. This is where he devoted his brilliant ideas that have become popular internationally.

One interesting character and Kei Miura’s unique value is nothing. Until now, Miura has always been seen with the aura of the automotive world in the 80-90s! Just like the chain necklace and biker boots he always wears. even old hair with oldskool and red Marlboro cigarettes have accompanied him. Very much and can!
This Miura-san is undoubtedly a chainmoker who is a heavy smoker. can we get from most photos, for sure, I will definitely be back. This is really his style. A kind of Onizuka figure on GTO! This cool character gets more charm in the world of mob fans, especially mobs. Japan.
Even though it’s wrong, in the case of cool characters, he is a friendly person. this was from various positive comments at the workshop, which only covered a number of coverage. His success in the international world is not in Kei Miura. he is a modifier of car lovers who is humble and welcoming when every workshop is held.
The factor that became the success of Kei Miura was of course Sai’s character.

His genius in modifying body kits is the average factor of all his careers. this is a design, the aura is classic, with a touch of kit that makes it scary. One of the pioneers was a modification of Japanese overfender. homemade Rocket Bunny kit for the Toyota GT-86 hit the world in the world! From here Rocket Bunny is a wide-body kit icon that is popular with international standards. Get to know Ken Miura, the Genius figure behind the Rabbit Rocket

but, not only from the idea and way of saying it, Kei Miura was also due to the fact that the body-kit technique was not arbitrary.
All kits are designed with sophisticated CAD computer systems. Miura applied 3D modeling software, namely 3D Rhino to make his work. even though he uses laser scanning technology to identify more he will do. but it’s like a factory рrоfеѕіоnаl! This is different from the workshop b-kit, but only uses land. So, there is no doubt about that, not only the beauty of the design, but also the quality of its accuracy. Every product lasts!

The workshop, which is often the place for various media coverage in the world, is located in the pesisi area outside Kyoto. Precisely about 3.5 km from Okobu Station. despite its popularity thanks to Rocket Bunny, TRA Kyoto has not changed much since the beginning. Even so, this workshop does not have signposts!
Extraordinary. imagine that Rocket Bunny and business are racing. It seems that Kei Miura is a person who never cares about popularity and focuses on his desires, maybe.

From the outside this time it will be like a workshop or maybe even like a garage. the outside piled up some retro, some parts of the car and sterofoam piles. The workshop is also sized like a room or private place. in most vintage items As decoration and from the past of Kei Miura. The room behind is actually a workshop. have stored advanced equipment such as factories to produce b-kits.
Kyoto TRA is called the most popular modifier, overfender at the Liberty Walk and RWB. Unfortunately, the most famous is one of its products, Rocket Bunny.

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