MINI GT Mclaren Senna Diecast 64

On May 1, 1994, the world lost one of its greatest riders, Ayrton Senna, in the San Marino Grand Prix (GP) title at the Imola Circuit, Italy. dear bad luck befalls Senna’s life had to be lost when leading the race at the San Marino GP Imola Circuit. Being the greatest driver at that time, news of Senna’s death was like lightning in broad daylight for Brazilians, the racer’s home country. A very fatal accident at the corner of Tamburello, one of the corners at the Imola Circuit made Senna’s life helpless.

The tragic accident of the Brazilian proud driver took place when the race took place on the seventh lap. Near the corner of Tamburello, the car that Senna drove out of the track and hit a concrete fence without borders. Middle of speeding with his car, Senna was off the track at 310 km / hour.

However, two seconds before crashing into the concrete fence, the driver had tried to slow down the car to 218 km / hour. No doubt, the FW16 chassis number 02 car that Senna carried was badly damaged on the right side until it finally stopped spinning. It was the last car that drove Senna to the place she loved, the race track.

Senna himself was an F1 world champion in 1988, 1990 and 1991. Ayrton Senna da Silva – his full name – died at the age of 34 as a phenomenal racer with various fantastic achievements. He managed to become the first world champion when defending the McLaren Team. At the 1988 GP, he competed with his teammate, Alain Prost, who was also remembered as one of the greatest duels in the history of F1.

And to recall the glory of McLaren with Aryton Senna, McLaren launched the McLaren Senna Hypercar with a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged engine capacity. Transmission of 7-Speed ​​dual-clutch gearbox. McLaren Senna can reach speeds of 0-200 kilometers per hour in just 6.8 seconds and a quarter mile in just 9.9 seconds with a maximum speed of 340 kilometers per hour. Which makes Mclaren Senna’s more exotic Mclaren Senna cars sold limited to only 500 units, which were assembled by hand in a 300-hour process at the McLaren Production Center in Woking, Surrey, England.

And it turned out that the Diecast Mini GT did not miss to pay homage to MClaren and Aryton Senna, by producing a 64-scale Mclaren Senna scale diecast. And this is the first production of the Mini GT for the Car Hypercar Model, which previously we were more familiar with the Mini GT with its Liberty Work R35 Nissan GTR. For the McLaren Senna Diecast Model Car the Mini GT provides 3 color choices, namely: Red, White and Blue.

So what do you think about Diecast Lovers will this Mini GT Mclaren Senna product be worth collecting ?? If it is tested by DiecastOraSambat it is very clear that this product is worth collecting, because it is indeed DiecastOraSambat always trying to collect Diecast Model Cars that have History.

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