Diecast Photography Ideas

The world of photography is fun and everyone has their own passion in photography. There are those whose passion is model, fashion, journalism, food, auto, weeding, etc.


But have you ever thought that photography or diecast toys are just as fun? Playing with diecast photography is very dangerous, because it has heavy opium. This opium is also very difficult to eliminate, once tried there is no guarantee to be able to return again, especially if each of the works that we make are well appreciated by the community.

by: fendie

The desire to buy diecast becomes uncontrolled especially if the date is young after payday, in the brain just want to shop diecast and can cause damage if it is not fulfilled. Especially if the diecast is collected on a small scale such as 64 or 43. Because almost all places can be explored for the shoot shoot with the mini car.

by: Aan berant

When your feeling and Instinct have mastered half your life, you can even make the image look real like capturing the original car. Many of the techniques used to capture photos, made us thirsty to learn from senior photographers, and photographers in other fields who would later combine each of these ideas into photography works in one beautiful, cool and interesting frame.

by: tung subagiyo

In the world of Diecast Photography you will find all photography techniques, starting from composition techniques that have such elements

  1. Rule of third
  2. Golden Shape
  3. Center composition
  4. Repetition and Pattern
  5. Perspective
  6. Frame in Frame
  7. Leading Line
  8. Negative Space
  9. Element Balance
  10. Golden Spiral
  11. Reflection
    And many more, it’s still about lighting, there are
  12. Front light
  13. Backlight
  14. Rim light
  15. Sidelight
  16. Available light
  17. Artificial light
  18. Mix light
  19. And many more, and each of these techniques can be explored widely and sometimes overlap. Because the power of creativity is unlimited.
by: reza
by: trista

So I hope to keep the diecast and photography hobby if you don’t want to be addicted, before that happens keep it all out of your mind.

by: Ricky Ferdie

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