Diecast Construction Vehicle

Something new is indeed able to make you curious. DiecastOraSambat all this time only knows that diecast is a model of cars, trucks and military vehicles. But it was only realized that heavy vehicles also existed and had been ignored.

But if for my own collector I don’t know whether or not there is an estimate, the DiecastOraSambat, the possibility to decorate official construction, or the need for supporting accents in the world of Railroad Diorama. Because honestly DiecastOraSambat is still blank and has never met with a collection of construction vehicles. Do they buy because they love vehicles that they drive every day, the needs of dioramas, accent needs for construction officials or official construction equipment rentals

It has never really been a problem but made me curious. Moreover, I have never worked in construction or in the mining world, which is always friendly with heavy equipment vehicles.

Maybe for those of you who are already friends with the world of heavy equipment must have known what types and branding has emerged and been used so far. But for DiecastOraSambat and other Diecast Lovers, they will be curious and curious. The names of the types of heavy equipment are whatever, and any brand.

Ok don’t worry DiecastOraSambat will explain a little and limited to superficial knowledge, maybe other friends can add it. First for this type of heavy vehicle

Dozer or Loder is a tool commonly used in construction projects to handle excavated material or to make material deposits. In the dozer section there is a bucket so this tool is also called a front end dozer. There are 2 types of dozers, among others, using the Crawler Tractor Dozer and Bulldozer that use rubber wheels (Wheel Tractor Dozer).

The selection of excavators must consider the ability of the tool in certain field conditions. The main difference between the various types of excavators lies in the excavators located at the front, but all of them have propulsion devices, namely tire wheels or crawlers. Crawlers using excavators are generally chosen if they will be used on rough or less dense surfaces. In addition, because the device does not need to do a lot of displacement in operation.

Monster Dum Truck
The function of the carrier is to transport materials such as soil, sand, rocks for construction projects. The choice of truck depends on the field conditions, material volume, time and costs. The size of the truck depends on the time needed to load material into the truck compared to the truck’s transport time. In general, the capacity of the selected truck is four to five times the capacity of the digging tool that inserts material into the truck. The use of trucks that are too large is very uneconomical, unless it is proportional to the volume of material to be transported.

Motor Grader
Motor grader is a device used to flatten desired soil and surface. Besides that, the use of motor graders is also as follows:

Grading (ground leveling)
Shaping (cutting to get the shape / profile of the ground)
Bank shaping (cutting to get a land form / profile)
Scarifiying (dredging for channel making)
Ditching (cutting for channel creation)
Mixing and spreading (mixing and spreading material in the field)

Compactors are often referred to as compactors. Compactor is a tool used to compact the soil which is actually an attempt to rearrange the arrangement of soil grains to become denser and denser.

The types of mechanical compactors are as follows:

Three wheel roller
Tandem roller
Sheepfoot type roller
Pneumatic tire roller
Soil compactor
Landfill compactor

while for the brand, there are a lot of them but don’t know which ones are collaborating with diecast model cars branding, which I know for now only caterpillars. if there are diecast products, there are Matchbox, Greenlight, and Johny Lightning. Really if there are Diecast Lovers who better understand you can add to it to be complete, and the broader our insight into the field of heavy equipment vehicles.

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