Ignition Model Nissan Skyline GTR Top Secret Japan Diecast

There are cool and very special things for this year’s Diecast Ignition Model products. IG Model collaborates with a home that is very legendary in Japan. This Modified House has a long history with real stories in the world of street racing, and it has been filmed a little picture of their world in the film Legend of Speed ​​starring Ekin Cheng.

The modification house was named Top Secret Japan, Kazuhiko Smokey Nagata is the owner. Ignition Model introduces 2 Skyline products that are collaborated with Top Secret Japan, namely Nissan Skyline R34 with a scale of 43, and Nissan Skyline R35 with a scale of 18. Obviously it will be an extraordinary honor if you can have one of these collections.

The colors that were presented were 2 colors which were very meaningful for Top Secret Japan, namely white and gold. White is used for cars that are being worked on and contested, while gold is the color for cars that have proven their performance.

Want to know the history of Kazuhiko Smokey Nagata’s Top Secret? Prepare black coffee first bro, this story will be more cool with gulps of black coffee. Ok, go back to Top Secret Japan story.

As the beginning of our story, we will first recognize Kazuhiko Smokey Nagata, she is a member of the Mid Night Club, while Mid Night Club itself is the pioneer of street racing in Wangan. The location taken is Shuto Expressway which has the landmarks of Rainbow Brigde and passes through the artificial island of Odaiba in Tokyo.

to become a member of the Mid Night Club, one of the conditions is that drivers must have a modified car that can speed up to 250 km / hr. The choice of the car was not playful, starting from Nissan Fairlady, Skyline GT-R, to the Porsche 930 Turbo. So it’s not surprising that only the middle-upper class can become members. Reportedly the “snapper” businessmen to the Yakuza, become part of this mysterious group of fans.

It is said that only 10% of the members of the Mid Night Club can be honorary members, which is marked by sticking club stickers on the windshield. If there are non-official members who use similar stickers, the car is guaranteed to be burned immediately!

Even though the street racers are against the law, in fact they have basic rules that must be kept. If the race carried out by members of Mid Night Club causes victims of public road users, then this group will be dissolved forever.

Finally, what is not expected happens. Even though Mid Night Club members were not directly involved in the accident that injured 6 road users, this group had to be warrior-minded to disband themselves as a basic rule. Because at that time, one member of the Mid Nigt Club was involved in a race with members of the Bosozoku (enthusiasts of extreme modification) who were drunk.

Until now, Mid Night Club continues to be a legend. And only Smokey and Isami, who dared to open the story of his past as a former Wangan racer.

Then when does Top Secret stand? Top Secret Japan was founded in 1990 with its vision of making the best cars, whether it’s in Wangan, Drift, Drag, Rally, Mods, Circuits, and all lines of motorsport. Here are the Top Secret creations that are very extraordinary.

  1. GT300 Supra
  2. Celica GT, 1975
  3. Nissan Skyline GTR 32-35
  4. Nissan Silvia
  5. Nissan Fairlady
  6. Porsche 911
    And there are many more super awesome creations from Top Secret.

Well how about that, bro? Want to have one of the collections of cars from this Japanese Legend Tuner? So immediately follow the pre order from the Ignition Model, please check local IG dealers in your area.

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