Ignition Model Nissan 180SX Rocket Bunny

Talking about Nissan Sport sports cars is always very cool when modified. Even the character of this car is able to come out and be well exposed, especially if it is grounded in a superior modification house. Now this time the Ignition model is replicating the Rocket Bunny car model, Nissan 180SX Hatchback Sports Car.

The original version of the Nissan 180SX was actually pretty good for that year’s sports car. But thanks to the Rocket Bunny body kit this car has become a true character that should have existed when he was born.

Nissan 180SX comes in three main iterations: first released in 1989, the second from 1991 to 1995, and the third which ended production in December 1998.

The first 180SX iteration comes in two versions called Type I (standard type) and Type II (advanced type). The Nissan HICAS II four-wheel steering system is optional only on Type II 180SX. All versions have a CA18DET engine with 175 hp. The 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic transmission are available in all types.

The second 180SX iteration was released in January 1991 and included several major changes from the first model. This includes the SR20DET engine with 202 hp. Although the engine is bigger than the previous CA18DET engine, the ‘180SX’ nomenclature still exists. The brakes are enlarged and the limited slip differential is added. The front bumper and interior are also redesigned. Type I and Type II are once again offered with different trims that only separate the two. The 15-inch alloy wheels also changed in the design of the first model. Super HICAS Nissan four-wheel drive is an option on all models such as 5-speed manual transmission and 4-speed automatic.

The facelifted second iteration in January 1992. Although most cars remained unchanged visually and mechanically, an additional trim level called Type III was added. Electronic climate control and audio CDs are also added as options.

Additional facelifts were carried out in 1994, the trim level was named Type R and Type X, with Type X higher than both. Overall the car remains almost unchanged.

The last facelift for the middle model occurred in May 1995 with the addition of driver’s side airbags and alloy wheels among other small details.

The last iteration was released in August 1996. The front bumper was revised, tail lights, 15-inch wheels and interior. The mechanical and safety package receives minor changes, such as the addition of the driver’s side airbags, pre-pressure seat belts, and some changes to the cable and ECU. Three levels of 180SX are offered: Type X, Type S and Type R, with Type S being the first 180SX offered without a turbocharged engine.

Types X and Type R both share the same 205ps (202 hp) engine and overall mechanical package but Type R does not have many cosmetic additions from Type X such as the front lip, rear spoiler, side skirts, rear valence, and 15 inch wheels. The S type is powered by an SR20DE engine which is naturally sucked 140ps, but similar in mechanical and cosmetic details with the top of the Type X range. However, the Type S does not have the option of a Nissan Super HICAS four-wheel steering system like a turbocharged model.

Type X and Type R stopped production in October 1997, but Type S and other additional aspiration models called the Type G continued production until December 1998 when all 180SX production stopped.

180SX is also used in motorsport drift. Winning the 2007 D1 Grand Prix Masato Kawabata drove 180SX (although he won the 2007 title on the Nissan Silvia) as did the 2007 D1 Street Legal champion Kazuya Matsukawa. Other drifters who also drove this car as a base for their rival vehicles included Japan Yoshinori Koguchi, British Keilan Woods, Ziko Harnadi from Indonesia and many others.

That is the history and superiority of the Nissan 180SX, and now the Nissan 180SX has been reborn with Rocket Bunny. Are you ready to bring a special collection of Ignition Model Nissan 180SX? What are you waiting for soon to hunt and order products for Ignition Nissan 180SX Rocket Bunny, there are 2 color choices namely White and Blue Baby. No need to ask the level of detail of the Ignition Model, because for a scale of 64 it can make you satisfied, especially for the size of 1/18 of Super Satisfaction, of course.

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