JADA Toys Diecast Fast Furious Series

A few days ago, the Tv program broadcast again fast furious series starting from FF5-7. Maybe this is to strengthen our memory of the previous series, because we know that next year the latest Fast Furious film will air.

Fast Furious Movie Fans are indeed very numerous, even all the toys are hunted by fans. Starting from Models Car to Action Figure. For any Model Cars there are various branding that offers the Fast Furious Series namely Hot wheels, Greenlight, Jada. For those of you who prefer the 64 scale you can choose from Hot Wheels because the collection is quite a lot for Fast Furious. But for those of you who prefer a 24-choice scale it falls on JadaToys.

Especially for those of you who are more focused on Dom Toreto or Brian O’Connors. For the two figures, there are more cars,
Brian O’Connors; Mitsubishi Eclipse, Mitsubishi Evo VII, Ford Escort MK I, Nissan Skyline R34, Nissan Skyline R35, Nissan Hakosuka, Subaru Impreza WRX STi, Toyota Supra.

Dom Toreto; Chevy Chevelle SS, Chevy Fleetline, Chevy Impala, Daytona Dodge Charger, Dodge Off-road Chargers, Dodge Charger R / T, Dodge Ice Chargers, Plymouth GTX, Plymouth Road Runner.

Other members; Letty (Chevy Corvette Stingray, Dodge Challenger, Plymouth Baracuda, Rally Fighter), Roman’s (Chevy Camaro Off road), Suki (Honda S2000), Tej’s (Ripsaw), Lykan Hypersport, Nissan 350z

That’s the collection of Fast Furious Car Models from Jadatoys, how do you want the collection? Do not hesitate to immediately have a collection of Fast Furious car models from Jadatoys because for details and neatness it is in a good level. Especially with a scale of 24, even if there is a little miss it is still classified as minor.

You don’t need to hunt for too long and have a collection of Fast Furious Car Models from Jada Toys, Happy Hunting Sob.

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