Review of Nissan GTR Nismo GT 300 Gainer Tanax 2015

Good night bro Diecast OraSambat Diecast lovers will review products from the Nissan GTR Nismo GT3 Gainer Tanax 2015. This 64-scale diecast product is very cool and fleeting according to the original car. Because we really know that the focus of TarmacWork products is to make miniature sports cars in competition. First, seeing this product, this heart immediately fell in love.
We need to know beforehand that the Super GT Race began to compete since 1993 with the initial name JGTC (Japan Grand Touring Championship). Now, the championship has a special place among motorsport lovers, both inside and outside Japan. Initially, JGTC was held as a substitute for the Japanese Sports Prototype Championship and the Japan Tour Car Championship, a championship that competed in sports cars and cars Group C touring Group A.

In order not to dominate and swell the cost of the participants, the Japanese Automotive Federation (JAF) regulatory body through its GT Association subsidiary provided engine limits and heavy penalties for winning cars. It aims to keep the competition competitive. The opening season participants came from the JGTC class, which was a modification of the Group A car and the Japanese Super Sport Sedan.

In the 1994 season, JGTC competed in the GT1 and GT2 classes simultaneously. The cars used are increasingly varied, such as the Toyota Supra, Ferrari F40, until the Group C Porsche 962. Although at a glance the cars have different strengths, through the hands of the JGTC GT Association can still compete, without the dominance of one car.

Even so, the GT1 and GT2 classes were replaced by GT500 and GT300 in the 1996 season due to increased costs to compete in the GT1 class. Both of these classes are the beginning of JGTC’s recognition among motorsport lovers, both inside and outside Japan, thanks to the appearance of these cars in the Gran Turismo video game.

Just like the previous two classes, European cars were also enlivened, such as the McLaren F1 GTR and Porsche 911 GT2 (GT500), as well as the BMW M3 and Porsche 964 (GT300). Especially for the GT500 class, interest in European cars is not as much as the GT300. Noted, the last European car used was the Aston Martin DBR9 used by the Nova 2009 team. As a result, the choice of GT500 cars remained in the constructors of Toyota, Nissan and Honda the following season.

To further introduce this championship to people outside Japan, JGTC changed its name to Super GT in the 2005 season. The change was marked by the holding of rounds outside Japan, namely Malaysia and Thailand. The United States has also been visited for the exhibition round at California Speedway in 2004.
The GT500 and GT300 class races are simultaneously, similar to other endurance races such as the WEC and IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship which race up to four classes. Two qualifying sessions are held on Saturday with the elimination method.

The fastest team in Q1 goes to Q2, each of the top 14 for GT300 and 8 in the GT500 class. The strategy commonly used before the race is the racer who takes the car first. A driver can only drive a maximum of 2/3 of the total rounds competed. This forced the team to keep changing drivers when making pit stops.

Although technically each team only races with one car, Super GT still applies points for racers and teams, each with a distribution of 25-15-11-8-6-5-4-3-2-1.

Especially the 10 Hour Suzuka round, the points obtained are 25-18-13-10-8-6-5-4-3-2. The differentiator of the two standings is the addition of points.
Ok, after we know a little story about GT Super Racing, it’s time for us to review the Diecast Tarmac Works Nissan GTR Nismo GT3 Gainer Tanax 2015, this Diecast works well with a pretty good level of detail, but this diecast has shortcomings on the front winglets according to I am not proportional to the size of diecast 64. Then we can see from the side glass that the curve angle is less sharp at the hole in the box in the middle of the entire side glass. yes, that is the only negative point of the Tarmac Works diecast product in my opinion. Overall this product is still worth collecting, especially for those of you who have Nissan GTR lovers and Super GT races

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