Ignition Model Mazda Savanna RX3 Scale 18

JDM lover’s let’s all come here, there is a Diecast that you need to collect. JDM retro that can make life more passionate and shaking-shaking. This diecast is perfect for JDM fans and Retro fans.

But it needs to be underlined first, this diecast comes on a 1/18 scale, sorry for 1/64 scale fans. This product from the Ignition model comes with a 1/18 Mazda Savanna scale. For fans of Mazda this must be a breath of fresh air because indeed all this time that has always been released by Mazda RX7, so the desire to add to your diecast collection must be fasting long.

The 1974 1/18 Scale Savanna Mazda model comes with 4 colors, namely orange, black, matte black, and orange.

Mazda Savanna. Basic machines are the same as RX2 only with different packages. RX3 is also quite outstanding where Mazda was able to win the Fuji 500, the 1972 Japanese Grand Prix and claimed to have won more than 500 titles until 1976 and competed with the Nissan Skyline. In Australia, the RX3 is very well known on racing tracks whether it’s a circuit or Drag Race Track. In many RX3 classes it dominates the kangaroo country.

Two types of engines were created for RX3 namely 12A, with a performance of 120 hp and 10 seconds for 0-100 km / h and 12B with optimal power of 198 hp for the racing version. In addition to Australia his achievements are quite brilliant also in America where he won the IMSA and Road Atlanta.

For those who have more money want to buy the original, there is a whisper from the coffee shop next door if the Mazda RX3 car can be fitted with the Mazda RX7 Car engine. Extraordinary steady is certainly not right, the feel of retro power can be savage.

For me, if I told you to buy the original one, I immediately lifted the white flag from the beginning, the outlet was obviously buying diecast for collection. Moreover, this product from the Ignition Model should not be missed to be collected. How about you guys, bro? Let’s get the 1/18 scale product from Ignition Mazda Savanna RX3.

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