Behind The Scenes Vatsal Kataria Photography

by; Vatsal Kataria

Vatsal Kataria is a new photographer and creative director in Delhi. She likes taking conceptual and unique photography on a mini-photo. These photographs appear in exotic places with the high price range, but clearly there are models and landscapes on the lower scale to look good.

Katarian does not use props or dioramas. He created all series by using minimal resources. She uses Paris plaster to make mountains and ancient stones and paper to make the main shape of the mountain. Use styrofoam sheets and orange lime and paint to make way. Snow is made of polystyrene sheets, round leaves, yeast and paint. Kataria also uses Photoshop to add and enhance images. each challenge takes 3-15 days of planning to implement. try the work below.
This is a statement from Vatsal Katarya “I am a living photographer, but I enjoy miniature photography and I love art, they can transform my fantasy into reality, as a mini-photographer, I always think about new things and everything.

I do not use the proportions and expensive ones that are ready for use. I did everything with minimal resources. I usually use a plaster underneath the mountain. I mainly use a polystyrene sheet and mix plaster and black paint to make way. The other I use is a polystyrene sheet, artificial leaves, yeast for snow and some paints. I use the basic supply so if people want to try, they can do it. I also use Photoshop to bring beauty. It’s so simple and interesting. Usually, it takes 3 or 15 days of planning to do an idea.

It’s just a myth that you do not have good photography without great props and accessories and needs. It’s not limited to what you can do and you want.
And this is an example of a photographic work of Vatsal Katalis, you can learn to imitate it before applying it to another style. Please learn about begin, light, effects, and more.

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