Tiny Q scale is a cute nendoroid model

New collections from the world diecast with a unique and adorable scale. Although DiecastOraSambat itself does not have the chance to collect it, the feeling of being able to enjoy this casting model is there.

First of all, seeing this original taste is so fierce, this feeling can be described as seeing a fat, chuby little boy who wants to pinch his cheek. Yes, that’s how you see diecast models from Tiny Q.

Tiny Q was founded in Hong Kong in 2017, it is clear that their age is only 2 years in the field of diecast. But being able to present in its own way, the uniqueness that is able to hypnotize some diecast lovers.

My assumption is that Tiny Q inspiration makes this scale unique diecast from a nendoroid type action figure. At least we know that nendoroid action figures are action figures that present a unique scale. Unique because
this figure has a characteristic head size that looks bigger than the body. Similar to the chibi character that is commonly used. this type of figure is so attached to the impression of Moe (cute).

And finally Tiny Q thought why this type of nendoroid had nothing to do with the world of model cars. Remember this is only my own assumption, not because of Tiny Q’s direct statement. But whatever it is, Tiny Q has clearly brought a fresh breath in the world of cars in the millennial era.

He was able to provide cute model cars without leaving a level of detail and neatness in production. And there are already enough models of cars from Tiny Q which are released by holding a number of well-known Automotive brands.

If maybe there are still many friends who don’t know about the presence of Tiny Q, then be prepared to take care of your fingers from this model car, because it’s very adorable. For my own size, I think TinyQ is on a 64 scale, but with a different style it can be said to be anti mainstream.

How about you, has your faith faltered to collect the Tiny Q model cars? If diecast lovers girls, I make sure your faith must be immediately swept away with the production of the Tiny Q cars model. Because of the Tiny Q Model Cars that are cute, and sparkling.

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