Ignition Model Cars Toyota Supra RZ Max Orido 1/18

Toyota Supra Diecast Lovers have you ever known about the presence of products from the Ignition Model? It turned out that the Ignition Model in 2018, precisely from July 17 to September 9, held a PO for the Toyota Supra RZ Orido Product plus Max Orido’s Standing Figure.

And in March 2019 yesterday the item was sent to each Diecast Lovers who did PO. And I think that takes the PO of the sellers and toys shop. Because if you look at the official website Ignition, the minimum order model must be 2 sets per person.

If you are pure collectors, I feel reluctant to buy it unless someone joins it during Pre Order. Then what happens to us who want to buy units? Calm you can hunt and buy it from toys shop that does sell the Ignition Model collection. If you are forced to buy online, for those of you in the Asian region you can go to Unusual43 in Singapore.

This Orido Toyota Supra RZ uses a Ridox body kit. Ridox is a sidebrand bodykit & aero-parts owned by D1GP driver & Manabu SuperGT ‘Max’ Orido from a well-known bodykit manufacturer, Takahiro Ueno’s T & E. With specialization in the typical Orido Toyota, Ridox has an aggressive & functional design style as seen in Daigo Saito’s Supra JZA80. Although now Daigo Sato has used Lamborghini Murchielago, the Orido Toyota Supra RZ remains exceptional both in terms of specifications, appearance and historical value.

According to the Orido Toyota Supra RZ, the engine capacity jumped to 3,400 cc from the previous 3000 cc. The combination, the turbo Garrett T04Z is made with boost 1.6 bar to achieve maximum engine power in the range of 680 hp. That also added extra energy from the injection of NOS hidden behind the seat.

Large turbo engines as large as that of course need an excess fuel supply. As a result, SARD is trusted to deliver high octane fuel as much as 1,000 cc per minute. Starting from the fuel rail, to the injector. Everything is arranged by the engine management from Motec.

Unlike the winner of Daigo Saito, Orido also entrusted the transmission system with the use of a sequential Getrag 6-speed gearbox. “It’s better with pattern I than before who had an H pattern,” explained the drifter who also loved this Harley-Davidson motorbike.

With a 2-way LSD from Kaaz that is useful for channeling large power into the axle. Orido was even more precise in setting the stamp on the gas pedal and brake when the pedal box is often used when going down the turing race embedded in the cabin.

How about after knowing about the capabilities and history of this Orido Toyota Supra RZ, are you ready to collect it in the form of a Model Cars Ignition Model Car Toyota Supra RZ Orido package with Stand Figure Drifter Manabu Max Orido?

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