Diecast RMZ City Model Cars DTM Series

Warm regards to diecast lovers, are there any of you who like DTM racing? For those of you who love DTM racing, you really want to have a collection of DTM diecast.

For those of you who are really lovers of DTM racing you can really collect diecast DTM cars from RMZCity. In my opinion the detail and neatness of the RMZCity Brand is quite good for the DTM race car version. And right now, as far as I am introducing the new DTM RMZCity race car, if there is another brand, please put it in the comment.

For exclusive rights, I don’t really understand. But that is not a problem, which is important if you want to collect DTM Race Cars to look for the RMZCity brand.

Currently the DTM race car that has been produced by RMZCity has Mercedes AMG c coupe, C63 AMG, BMW M4 while audi is produced by whom? As always we open shared insights about DTM races. Here we can share with each other to increase knowledge.

DTM itself stands for Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft, DTM racing is a race that adopts Group A regulations between 1984-1993. Car-based highway with minimum production homologation provisions of 2,500 units.

At the beginning of this era, DTM was followed by BMW, Volvo, Rover Audi and Ford, with Mercedes joining in 1988.

The silhouette concept as we know it began to be used in 1993 with the implementation of the Class 1 Touring Car. In this class, cars are no longer road-based. Only the shape resembles the model we know. The use of carbon chassis, up to devices that are forbidden in F1 make DTM cars become one of the most sophisticated on the planet. The machine uses 2.5 liter V6.

In this era, BMW no longer joined DTM leaving Mercedes, Opel and Alfa Romeo as participants. There is an outrageous war of costs that is not offset by returns on investment in terms of publication. Alfa Romeo and Opel retreated late 1996, the DTM broke up.

In 2000 for the consensus of Mercedes-Benz with Opel, DTM was reborn. In principle, the new era DTM still adopts the principle of silhouette racing cars. However, this time there are tighter cost controls with many racing components used together. For the engine use the 4,000cc V8 unit.

This formula continues to be used today, but with a slight change in body concept. Initially, the series was intended for coupé cars. Then switched to a 4-door sedan between 2004 and 2012. To then switch back to the coupé.

As previously reported, this hope was suddenly dashed because it was reported by the Japanese trio that GT500 participants were not interested in participating in the DTM. With the loss of Mercedes, one solution emerged was to follow the regulation of the Grand Touring Endurance used at the WEC, Le Mans and IMSA.

If that happens, the uniqueness of the silhouette concept has been adopted since 1993 in the old DTM era (1984-1996) and the current DTM will be lost. Then does anyone know what the fate of DTM is?

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