Diecast Photography Rally Racing Theme

photo by: danz ramli

It’s been a long time since Diecast Lovers didn’t talk about Diecast Thema Photography. It can be said that for almost a month the contents of the thread discussed new realease and diecast profiles. I’m sure of seeing the diecast photography gallery.

Ok today we will fill in Diecast Photography with Diecast Photography Rally Racing Theme. Here you will see diecast rallies and also concept photo rally races. Maybe for those of you who don’t have a diecast rally collection, start poisoning days and make a list to buy Diecast Car Rally, Heavy Poison ni bro haha ​​…

To take shoot Rally Photo you must be prepared to be dirty, but not obligatory. In a clean place it’s also ok, but obviously it will feel more cool if it’s dirty, so the soul can get and the results are also cool. Later you can see which ones are much cooler than the take shoot results of our friends, who are clean or dirty, but that still depends on taste.

Even my own friend after seeing the results of the Photo Diecast Rally Race, he was poisoned. But on the basis of people having money, today he immediately hunted the rally wheels. He will modify the car to be a rally look. I can only shake my head, not half-hearted white Sparco is his choice. It’s cool but I can’t afford to buy it haha ​​… it’s better to save to buy a diecast car rally collection.

But actually to modify the racing car look is not too expensive. Because only by replacing the wheel, the fog lights, and playing the cutting sticker of your car are able to display the impression of a rally car.

photo by: robby

Back to the theme, to take a shoot at the Diecast Rally Race you can take advantage of locations that can describe the atmosphere of the rally. You can also use dioramas, dioramas combined with nature, or combine them with wallpaper. All of that can be done according to your taste and what concept you will display.

You can also use several effects such as dust, splashes of water, mud and so on. The problem is only one, please or not to pollute your collection in that way. I can talk about the real effects that can be produced but I can’t bear my favorite collection to be treated like that hehe …

Ok, so it’s not too long, let’s look at the results of take shoots from our friends who took part in the Diecast Photography Rally Racing Theme, survived poisoning, Diecast Car Rally, Diecast Lovers, Yeahh

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