Diecast Choro Q Unique Cute Scale

Where are you going to holiday today, beach, mountains, playground, waterpark or where? Wherever it is important to make you happy and tired for 5-6 working days you can be refreshed with a holiday at this weekend. if I had a vacation to the beach, the aroma of sea water was very exotic. I admit I am not very good at swimming, so if I go to the beach I just enjoy the scenery and the atmosphere.

Oh yeah you guys know the Choro Q game on the PS 2 console? Original I just found out because I was looking to find out if there were diecast other than Tiny Q? I don’t pay attention to the problem of the year. Surely this really old game is still in the ps2 console.

I’m sure I’m really curious since when was the Choro Q diecast brand produced? Along with the game or the game as marketing. I saw it from Japan, the cartoon was a toy marketing tool.

I am not able to talk too much because I am not involved in Choro diecast Q because it does not have a diecast. Maybe if there is a friend who collects Choro Q and is able to tell about this diecast, it may be scribbled in the comments column, so that you can share stories with all reader diecast friends.

The Choro Q brand stands alone or is the subsidiary specifically for the production of unique scale diecast? Here I try to collect some Choro Q diecast gallery, which I deliberately did to lure the Choro Q collectors to appear and share stories with us all about the uniqueness, the production of the year when, how the ingredients, supporting accessories.

And for friends, diecast lovers who like me, who really don’t have this diecast, get ready to smile on their own and are excited to see the results of Choro’s Diecast take shoot Q. Sorry I forgot, the illustrator from Choro Q was Yasuhiro Nakamura

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