review of Lamborghini Aventador Monster Energy Lb works

According to my promise yesterday that today we will review the Lamborghini Aventador Monster Energy Lb Works, a product that is only produced limited to 999, made handmade with basic resin materials, scale 64.

For this time, I got a serial number of 256, it’s fine than not getting it. This model of the car lamborghini aventador monster energy lb works is very impressive to me, because the level of detail is very good and almost I can’t find a negative side gap. There are only a few questions in this model car, which is the livery.

What exactly is in the mind of the makers of this model cars, why are the livery parts not made in water slide decal, but ordinary decals. Is it possible to catch up to look like the real one using a decal? But what happened a little seemed less integrated with the overall body. More looks sticked to the body. If you just use a water slide decal like in the previous version, I think this model of cars will be even better. And it can be categorized as a perfect 64 scale car model.

The second is on the seat, indeed the seat looks sporty but the unfortunate one is not shown a color combination, here it just looks all black. So that the level of detail of the seat is blurred and neglected. Why not give a little color composition breaker like in the previous series. But this can be used by custom diecast activists to modify the seat sector.

If in the previous thread someone asked the wheel to spin or not? I will answer for lb works on scale 64 there are no wheels that can rotate. And that did not affect me, because what I was looking for was the level of detail in collecting model cars. For what wheels can rotate and the door can be opened if the details are not worked out nicely. An example is a diecast product that is much older and has a lot of known brands, even the premium class is not able to approach the level of detail.

There is one more question, if anyone knows, please scribble in the comments column. Whose work is made by, is it ok? For the scale of 18, Masahiro is sure to work, because he uploaded himself on his Instagram, from the process to finishing. But whoever created it, I salute you and I raise 4 thumbs up for you.

If there are still those who open a PO or sell it and you really want to have it, you don’t need to hesitate to have it to be collected. I myself have collected lb products works Lamborghini Aventador and lamborghini huracan. How about you?

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