Ninja Series Datsun 510 Greenlight

A very tiring day and draining of energy, mind and patience. Hopefully this is just me who experienced not making friends for Diecast Lovers there all. May God always give happiness to all of you. Oh yeah, friend, who is here collecting Datsun 510? There is a leak from this Mini3Garage, the Ninja Series Datsun 510.
There are 6 motifs from Ninja that are ready to explore, and hide for the collector, with the aim to be hunted by you and ready in the sniper for his choice. This Ninja Datsun 510 series looks stunning with a fire motif and combined with Summon Orochi can add a mystical and sadistic impression.

I don’t know how much to launch on the market, but if you are interested you can just ask Mini3Garage, maybe he will explain it. When is launched and can be obtained anywhere from the Ninja Series Datsun 510 collection.

This is a very solid collaboration, considering that Ninja itself is a legend that still lives its spirit until now, even Ninja stories always exist from generation to generation, combined with Datsun 510 which is included in the legend of sports cars.

A little talk about the history of the Datsun 510 sports car, this legendary sports car, was first marketed in the United States using the I4 series engine, which has a 1.6L capacity, and uses “Hitachi downdraft carbureted”. The power produced reaches 96 hp (72kW), with maximum Top speed is 100mph.

Outside the United States, the paired engine is a J series, an OHV type with a “push rod engine”. In September 1970, an engine with a capacity of 1.3L was enlarged to 1.4L and a 1.6L capacity engine was replaced with a 1.8L engine.
Datsun 510’s popularity among high-ability car enthusiasts is also supported by the ease of “upgrading” with other versions of datsun parts. A strong frame, and a flexible dimension of the engine space, can accommodate the type of transmission or engine from the next generation Datsun, with only a few modifications. Some examples include:

  • L1.8 series engine with 1.8L capacity.
  • L20B series engine with 2.0L capacity, including the Turbo version.
  • The “63mm (shaft-center distance) 5-speed transmissions” transmission made for 200SX (S10) and HL510 (A10).
  • The “71mm 5-speed transmissions” transmission, used in the 280-series Z (S30 & S130), 200SX ’80 -’83 (S110) production in 1980 – 1983, 810 produced from 1977-1980, 810 / Maxima / Bluebird (910) ) production in 1981-1984, Skyline C210 / R30 series. This transmission is also used in the 620/720 / D21 type pick-up / truck series

Datsun 510 is indeed born as a car that is ready to compete, because its features greatly support its performance such as:

  • It has been equipped with Disc brakes on the front wheels.
  • independent suspension on the 4 wheels (MacPherson strut on the front and semi trailing arm on the rear.
  • For the station wagon, use “solid rear live axle” and per leaf on the back.
  • Using a very strong rear wheel drive system.
  • Two transmission options, namely: 4-speed manual or 3-speed automatic.
  • Many choices of models are: 2-door sedan, 4-door sedan and 4-door station wagon.
  • The very strong power of the engine does not mean wasteful of fuel. As a result of testing factories in the United States, Datsun 510 fuel consumption is only 20-30 mpg.
    All Datsun 510 types with US specifications, since 1970 are equipped with “anti-sun glass”

That’s a bit of a review of the Datsun 510 sports car, which will come with model cars skla 64, Ninja Series Datsun 510 from Greenlight products.

Pict all by: mini3garage

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