Diecast Flame Phonegraphy

by: ack twentyfour

The last day we work, tomorrow is the holiday time bro. Don’t need to go too far, because Monday you have to work again, don’t let the picnic make your body not fit.

Next Sunday DiecastOraSambat farewell resign first bro, there is a free ticket to the zoo, and when I can meet my beautiful daughter. So I want to spend the day off tomorrow with him.

For today’s thread, we play photography again bro. This time with the DiecastFlame theme. Not diecast photo with fire and burn effect but only diecast with fire livery.

Here really only speaks of simplicity that is able to arouse enthusiasm without knowing the glitter of the world. Wild imagination in the limitation of breaking through the establishment out there.

There are various works from our friends who might be able to inspire us all how to create simplicity and limitations that invite beauty to come and welcome warmth with all of us when we see.

There are many brands and also the motives presented by them. Not only that, many photos here are produced from phonegraph, namely photography generated from cellphones. Because the camera’s camera capabilities are now quite good and good enough to produce a work.

Especially in 2019 there are lots of mobile phones that are released with amazing camera capabilities and features. Even from one of the cellphone brands there are 3 lenses to make one frame. Obviously this is a tremendous surge for the cellphone camera class. Indeed, I have never tried it, because it is so expensive.

All right, let’s just see with the Diecast Photography gallery with the theme Diecast Flame Photography.

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