Mitsubishi Evo X Tarmac Works Super Taikyu Series 2008

The last legend that was suspended animation, did not budge towards renewal. Silence goes in place. Every generation of yours is always awaited, every generation of yours is always engraved in the hearts of young people. You came with 3 diamonds and you came to echo Evolution.

Please ignore the poem above, because it can make you feverishly acute hahaha. It’s been a long time since this eye didn’t see the appearance of a Mitsubishi Evo on the road, but it doesn’t know why, this past week the eye saw the appearance of 2 Evo units. The first when trying to find the way of mice to avoid congestion, accidentally saw the appearance of the Mitsubishi Evo 3 which still looks pretty good, only the paint is rather faded.

And the second appearance is Misubishi Evo X when I come home from dinner. For this one the body is still yess and the paint is still very good. Very clearly the Evo X is very well cared for by the owner.

And it turns out the two sightings that took place within this week signaled the presence of the Evo X Super Taikyu Series 2008 tarmac products with a very well-known livery brand shock breaker, Ohlins, which was washed in yellow and blue. Comes on a scale of 64 which is so adorable and ready to make us have to break into our savings.

Today I actually want to swear at Tarmac why launching Evo X this month, even though I plan to stop this month first to buy diecast. How about this? My faith is faltering for now, still holding back or being tempted by the Legend Evo X.

A little explanation, tarmac products still remain with diecast, but have not replaced their model cars with resin, the wheels can still rotate even though they are not as hot as the wheels. The level of detail is very good for the 1/64 model car size. Display using archives is still well maintained.

How to Diecast Lovers? Purchased to be a collection or not is the Mitsubishi Evo X Ohlins Livery Tarmac product?

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