Tarmac Works Mercedes AMG GT3 Boxset reckon off

Are there Mercedes AMG GT3 lovers here? There’s the latest news from Tarmac works bro. The Mercedes AMG GT3 like Black Boxset which was released in 2018 in December has now dropped in price.

The most down is just how many digits are still expensive, yeah right it’s still expensive. But the digit drop is quite significant bro, if in the past when the initial release price was at US $ 258 now at US $ 199. It’s really far down.

This product is also included in the limited edition, so you don’t worry. For Tarmac Works Mercedes AMG GT3 like Black Boxset products only 999 sets are produced. Indeed, for this product, the sales are quite slow. Even though this package consists of 4 AMG GT3 units, 3 non driver units, and one unit plus drivers in it.

There are still 6 container boxes, 3 mini figures, accessories diorama pit lane consisting of barrier yellow & black, 2 granstand seats, 3x pit roads. If it is assembled, it can produce cool dioramas, especially if you have additional accessories and other mini figures that you can combine in the package and you can make decorations in your living room.

But maybe a little analysis of why this product is slow in sales and has to cut prices quite a lot. The first thing to come is not from the price but in the livery of each model car from the Mercedes AMG GT3, that is in my opinion. If only the use of the livery uses several existing and different series for each car, maybe people will think hard and try to have it faster. The second is new on the price issue, we will see how after the cut price can give effect? If only moving slowly means the possibility that is closest is my first analysis. Haha why do I even look like a political person, oh no … no …

But if I myself do not take it because it is indeed the model livery car, if I force it I would definitely have to spend more money on custom in the livery section. Then what about you bro?

After seeing the downward price, what is your reaction, will you take it or just ignore it while waiting for the Tarmac Works to release the model car hypercar Koenigsegg Agera RS ??

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