Mazda RX7 RE Amemiya by Ignition Model

In the previous thread we discussed about Mazda Savanna RX7. This time we will talk about the last generation Mazda RX 7, the most famous car among the other Mazda cars.

And Ignition models also presented Mazda RX7 FD RE Amemiya with a scale of 43. The size that is cool is actually not too small and not oversized, the details can be translated quite well. But it is indeed quite lacking in variants if I think this scale is 43.

For this scale 43 Ignition models bring up 4 colors on the Mazda RX7 RE Amemiya, namely Red, white, light blue, blue, yellow. And all made with resin. So the details are extraordinary. The color of the paint is also able to look very good. But if I was told to choose from all the colors, I chose yellow.

Indeed, the paint color looks normal, it’s still good in red or blue, but the cool color combination makes it cool so that it can look full, because the color of the wheel is coated with magnesium, and it is able to breathe yellow so dominant . Even the original version also exists for the yellow ones.

If you want to know a little about RE Amemiya, you can peek at the story in Mazda Savanna RX 7. For this story, we talk about the ruthlessness of the art of rotation in the rx7 only, so that it is complete.

Many automotive observers at the time stated that the RX7 FD is a car that only focuses on the driver. This is because at that time this car was the only one designed purely as a 2-seat sports car. In addition, the chassis has been optimized to only weigh 1300 Kg and has a load distribution of 50:50.

The RX7 FD engine, 13B-REW, is a rotary engine consisting of 2 sequential twin turbocharger rotor wankels capable of producing 252 hp of power at the beginning of production and optimized to 276 hp at the end of its production period. This 13B-REW engine is one of the best rotary engines because even though the successor of the RX7, the RX8 also has a 13B rotary engine.

However, the engine has a lower power compared to the RX7 engine because it was designed without force induction or Naturally Naturally Aspirated. In addition, the engine from the RX8 is designed to reduce emissions and increase fuel economy, because one of the ‘disadvantages’ of the rotary engine is fuel consumption and emissions from the exhaust that is fairly large. That limits and results in the engine not being as fancy as RX7.

The sequential twin turbocharger system on the RX7 FD introduced in 1992 is a fairly complex mechanical design. The system consists of 2 turbochargers where the first turbocharger provides a low power supply at RPM, while the second turbocharger is standby and will start active when full acceleration has reached half of the RPM range. The first turbocharger provides a turbo supply of 10 psi (0.7 bar) starting at 1800 RPM, while the second turbocharger will be active at 4500 RPM to maintain a 10 psi (0.7 bar) turbo supply to the redline RPM.

In the straight line RX7 FD is not as fast as the competitors in its time, but in terms of handling, this car has extraordinary handling that can even be categorized as one of the cars with the best handling in history. The RX7 FD has excellent balance, grip, braking and gearshift. Likewise, the steering system is lightweight, fast and responsive.

The other character of the RX7 FD lies in the very distinctive roar of the engine. The rotor rotation of the rotary engine gives its own uniqueness to the RX7 sound character, especially if the engine has been modified to be 4 rotors, delicious hehe. Apart from that, the unique timeless body design and of course the pop-up headlamp increasingly make the RX7 a character car.

And the end of the glory of Mazda RX7 was in 2002 where the implementation of an increase in exhaust emissions, injected dead production of Mazda RX7 with its 13B-REW rotary engine.

If you want the Mazda RX7 RE Amemiya cars model to be opened by Ignition models at a price of 17,000 Yen, or around the price of US $ 173 is the official price from the center. but do not know if you have arrived at parties 2 and 3 or collectors even you get by auction all prices will change not according to the official price, and that is reasonable. I can only tell the normal price. Because usually when directly from Ignition Models there is a minimum order limit.

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