Hot Wheels SUPREME Car Culture Team Transport

Hot Wheels X SUPREME collaboration is very special for lovers of hot wheels and supreme lovers. The collaboration resulted in the SUPREME label on Hot Wheels Car Culture Team Transport with the contents of 2 metal diecast packages, namely Fleet Flyer Truck & BMW M3.

For clear business plus collectors this is a very special investment, because we know SUPREME’s branding is able to increase the fantastic prices on every market item. Let alone diecast, just the brick that has SUPREME logo can be sold expensive. Sometimes I scratch my head, what you want to do with the brick.

Another case if the clothes are not what brand is there, but there is a signature of a possible Hamilton racer, or Marquez. This is only the SUPREME brand, so you want to appear to exist and be praised in cyberspace. Sorry not to defame the SUPREME brand, because SUPREME itself is not wrong, but the human factor itself. And the SUPREME brand itself only uses that situation. If only the human factor is normal, SUPREME will also be present in the business world just naturally.

But I am full respect for the basic concepts and SUPREME marketing that are very extraordinary, obviously this is not easy and very observant to see these opportunities.

Okay, we go back to diecast, this SUPREME Hot wheels Car Culture Team Transport is now translucent to the figure of US $ 179, but this is crazy for a 64-scale hot wheels product, the number can penetrate hundreds of dollars. For me ohh no, unless SUPREME collaborates with other brands that are able to display detailed diecast. Or specifically for this SUPREME collaboration Hot Wheels wants to print the diecast in detail and neatly like the next stall. And I prefer to take the Hot Wheels Car Culture Team Transport 66 Super Nova Retro Rig. Because the price is reasonable and it is normal to diecast a 64 scale with a medium level of detail.

But if you talk about the value of investment is obviously zero, because it will not produce points, because in my opinion this is not a rare item. It’s different if SUPREME’s Hot Wheels Car Culture Team Transport can go up 3-5 times, YESS all because of SUPREME.

Who are these diecast lovers who already have a SUPREME Hot Wheels Car Culture Team Transport collection? Save your assets well, you can become a god of help in the future from Thanos’s attack hahaha.

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