Kinsmart Diecast collection

Is there a Kinsmart diecast collection here? The majority of diecast play on a scale of 38. With a variety of functional cars that are able to function. And also has many licenses for existing car brands.

I also have but only 5 items, namely the Ford GT, Mustang GT 69, Mustang GT Police, Lamborghini Huracan, and McLaren P1. This model of the car is for diversion when the nephews arrive, so that my other model cars are not taken away …

This model of car is enough to make children happy because they can walk when the car is backed up first. The door can also be opened, if indeed the door opens up like McLaren, then this model also opens up.

For details, the body is actually good, but the iron is very light like a can. The paint wrapping is also quite good, the color is also suitable. Even if there are metallic elements, the metallic still looks synchronous to the glitter of the whole body. The tires are also wrapped in rubber so they don’t slide when launched.

The negative value is in the interior sector, for scale 32 this is very severe. Of the 5 that I have there is nothing a little special. The appearance is the same as the hotwheels interior, made of the necessary rough looks there are interior parts, such as the dashboard, steering wheel, seat and wrapped with black mono color.

This car model is suitable for maket makers, where the model cars are only used as accents, not as the main subject. And also for children’s toys can even be made for gifts if someone celebrates a birthday.

What makes me salute Kinsmart is that he has a lot of licenses for car brands. May be able to compete with hotwheels, greenlight, matchbox and autoworld for partner licensing issues.

If only Kinsmart wanted to change the quality of iron and overhaul the interior sector, I think Kinsmart would be the target of collectors for collections, not as a target for children’s toys. Or indeed maybe the focus of Kinsmart is for that. Because indeed the price for Kinsmart products is very affordable.

And sorry if I have never reviewed per item from Kinsmart products, I do not consider it improper, but let my other friends review and review Kinsmart products, because I have Kinsmart not as a collection but for my niece’s needs when coming home

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