Hotwheels Porsche RWB Red Line Club Akira Nakai Figure Hot Issue

There is a hot issue for you RWB Porsche lovers, especially hotwheels maniac. But this issue will only be available later for HotWheels RLC members.

So if you really want to get a RWB Porsche you have to join RLC members first. In the RLC timeline itself there is no information about the presence of Porsche RWB, this product is a collaboration between Hotwheels x RWB.

RWB Porsche that will come out is very different from the previous silhoute. The custom RWB characters are very close here, especially coupled with the RWB Akira Nakai figure, obviously this is a very extraordinary collection that you must have. I think this item will be a fight between Tarmac and Hotwheels fans. Because we know for ourselves, RWB products have always been launched by Tarmac. But so far Tarmac Works has never released RWB products with the Akira Nakai figure. The most recent exclusive item released by Tarmac Works for Porsche RWB is the Porsche RWB Stella Artois plus a Container Display Case Model and Porsche RWB 930 Southern Cross plus a Owner Club Card.

The design packaging is also cool, able to show a fierce & exclusive mix, still added an archery box in it. This time the style of the Porsche RWB 930 is with naked mode and also the position of Akira Nakai is squatting, as if he has just monitored his work. Anyway, cool, bro.

For functional problems such as wheels, engine hoods, and doors that can be opened or not, what I know is that the door can only be opened and a naked bumper can be seen so that the grooves and muffler pipes appear.

I was still thinking hard about why this was not taken by the Tarmac Works, instead he had been producing Porsche for a long time, why why ??? Maybe the Tarmac Works was so bad that the potential market was snatched by Hot Wheels with its Red Line Club.

It is okay for everything to happen, just awaiting when the collaboration item RWB x HW RLC is released. And I don’t know myself later, will I take it or not? Because I also haven’t joined HotWheels RLC myself.

Please see the RWB x HW RLC leaked picture that I got from the Christiancoujin IG hahaha … when will we talk about the human figure of Christiancoujin who is so humble, but that if I can have RWB x HW RLC haha, mode on

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