Inno64 Honda Civic E-AT Spoon Sport Diecast

Since its appearance in the world of mini-scale Inno64 is still faithfully debuted with Honda. Indeed there are apparitions of Mitsubishi and Toyota but they are still a minority in their sales. My introduction to inno64 was also with Honda Fit Jun Auto Hospital.

After that, I don’t have the Inno64 collection anymore because there is an attack from Lb Performance. Inno64 began to issue Spoon Sport if it was not mistaken it started when Diecast Singapore Expo when it was present with the Honda Civic EG 6. At that time I also wanted to take it but it turned out the quota was up, then vanished to propose Honda Civic EG6 Spoon Sport.

And now Inno64 presents the Honda Civic Hatchback E-AT. And if it’s not mistaken, the beginning of the birth of Spoon Sport. With his retainer Ta who overhauled Honda Wonder as his waiting in the racing arena. And up to now even the Honda Wonder with yellow blue livery Spoon Sport is still the collection of the retainer and is put on the workshop Spoon Racing.

Honda Civic Hatchback E-AT itself is the only Civic car I’ve ever had, and the first time I got permission to drive a car. And this miniature Inno64 Honda Civic E-AT can make me reminisce. Although in a different way that is only with the model cars not with the original car. But that already makes me quite happy, plus it turns out that this car is also owned by Tatsuru Ichishima the owner of Spoon Racing.

Slightly peeling Spoon Racing, the JDM Tuner Spoon Sport company was founded in 1988 by Tatsuru Ichishima with its motto ‘Total Technology & Real Comfort’.
The name Spoon itself is actually taken from the name of one of the bends on the Suzuka circuit. This Spoon Sport concoction work has proven a lot in the racing arena, starting from the All Japan GT Championship, to the 24-hour endurance race at the Nurburgring.

The most legendary creations from Spoon Sport turned out to be attached to the Honda Fit, perhaps because the Honda Fit made by Spoon Sport was able to steal the first place in the 25-hour Thunderhill endurance competition.

What about you guys, ready to hunt diecast Inno64 Honda Civic E-AT Spoon Sport Racing ?? For me, it is definitely mandatory. Because this is Tatsuru Ichishima’s car and this is the car that helps Spoon Sport born in the world.

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