Nissan GTR R35 Liberty Walk Advan Livery Model Cars Scale 43

There is a super special appearance from the Liberty Walk, looking so dashing Nissan GTR R35 with Advan livery in front of the garage. The colors are very identical black and red so fierce shows the ferocity of the GTR R35.

But don’t fall asleep with the beautiful Nissan GTR R35 Liberty Walk wrapped in the Advan livery, keep an eye on your steps not to step on the baby Nissan GTR R35 Liberty Walk Livery Advan. The little one who is gahar also doesn’t want to miss showing off his full appearance. It comes with a scale of 43 with a level of detail that doesn’t need to be asked, because every appearance of the Model Cars Lb Performance is almost always present with perfection.

Unique and a power of interest in the Nissan GTR R35 The Liberty Walk Advan Livery is in two sectors, namely the front diffuser and hood engine. If in the previous series the hood engine sector was not touched with modification, it was left with the factory base, both for Lb Performance and Mini GT, for which the hood engine was touched to be modified to make the R35 GTR character look macho, plus the front diffuser with iron scraping accents , then the macho and fierce appearance can be combined nicely and smoothly. Smooth effect can be produced because the colors are not overlapped and left to breathe between the bumper and diffuser even all sectors in front.

Flowing towards the back all seemed to be aligned without any distance separating or happening the gab, everything looked natural, even though bad scratches were hit hard with the rear over fender able to strengthen the macho feel. The spoiler is also different from before, this time equated with the Lamborghini version.

I don’t know for the basic material for this version 43, if previously on the scale of 64 the materials were basically diecast, plastic & rubber. We recommend that we wait patiently for this model to be released and who will get the license.

I myself don’t know, I want to buy a scale of 43 or 64? All depends on the amount of production. Because if the production is below 1000, then tet tott … only time is talking hahaha …

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