Review of Hotwheels Car Culture Team Transport Black Hole series 7

Hotwheels Car Culture Team Transport began to appear if it wasn’t wrong one year ago. And I have not been interested in taking it, even though it was tempting when the Greedy truck containing the Nissan Laurel 2000 SGX.

But for those of the 7 series I fought initially at the auction, for some reason in the middle of the auction time I felt challenged to always be above, trying to end my auction up the value was a bit far away. And at that time, if there was someone who was higher than me, then I intended to stop, right, yes, like someone who was indecisive. And it turned out that nothing else was above me until the close time arrived.

At that time I was full of hesitation, was it really the way I had done? But everything is already done, and I have to be responsible. Yes, because not all hotwheels products are able to show off a good level of detail, that makes me doubt. Ok, if the level of detail is not good, it will be paid at a low price, but this is Hotwheels Premium which has a fairly high price different from the regular one.

Now the Hotwheels item has arrived at home, and I have opened it. And it wasn’t too disappointing for the level of detail. Much better than regular Hotwheels.

Let’s peel Hotwheels Car Culture Team Transport.

Speaking of the diecast base, this item is very good. The powder is quite heavy, the level of detail is smooth and neat. The curves are very clear and firm with synchronous scale precision, especially for the truck.

On the wheels, I really like it. Because the character of the Gasser can be translated very well, especially the rear tires that are the hallmark of a gasser car that is much larger than the front tire. The character that makes it strong in the rear tires is using the lower offset alloy wheels and on the rubber tires there are godyear writings.

Even more exciting and very rarely found is this model car item has rollbar on the gasser car, this is definitely extraordinary. Then on the lights we usually have to paint ourselves to show this stop lamp and head lamp. For this item, we don’t need to bother doing the detailing of the paint, because it has been done by the hotwheels themselves, even for truck items the turn signal is also available. Actually it would be much better if this accent uses mica glass.

The disadvantages of this item are in the front sector for the gasser car, which is on the grill and bumper, please value yourself and comment yourself. But this is still helpful because the concept of this car is gasser, so even if it is messy it looks pleasing to the eye, if this is not a gasser car ?? Oh No.

I think we have discussed all the items in the Hotwheels Car Culture Team Transport series 7 Black Hole section. Oh yeah, this item is made in Thailand, bro. The basic gasser car is the Chevy ’66 Super Nova.

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