Review of 1970 Camaro Z28 Bootlegger M2 Machines Diecast Model

Today the Chevrolet Camaro is very synonymous with Bumblebee, so the image is very strong and very thick. Same with Aston Martin which is very close to James Bond cars.

From the beginning of the Transformer on the big screen, the Camaro always accompanied. Precisely once a Camaro takes on the role of a bumblebee character, we know for ourselves that Bumblebee is a character who cannot be separated from a transformer film, even though bumblebee is not the main character, but the main character really needs a bumblebee character. Creation of characters like this is very rare, but Bumblebee can quite head up because not only in the film world but also in the real world.

Bumblebee is Camaro, Camaro is a bumblebee. It seems that the character will also be very difficult to separate for the future. And Bumblebee in the Transformer Film is what makes me know the Camaro z28. But the Camaro Z28 on the Transformer Film is the Camaro Z28 in 97. And I prefer the 70 Z28 Camaro.

Coincidentally M2 Machines released the 70 ‘C28 Camaro Model Kit with black and that’s what I took to be a collection. Buying this modeling kit is different from us buying regular M2 Machines. And this is the first time I bought a model kit from M2 Machines.

What is the difference between a model kit and a regular one, for this model kit from M2 Machines you have to assemble some of the parts, but calm down don’t worry because it won’t be as complicated if you buy a Tamiya kit model. For the model kit from M2 Machines, it is still in the easy category for assembly. You only assemble the exterior, interior set, tires, alloy wheels, engine, & hood engine. On this item you will get 2 engine choices that you can choose by yourself according to your taste, the rubber tires are also because of the engine, wheels, tires are given 2 selected items in the box set.

If we usually buy M2 Machines models get an archival box for this kit model, they are replaced with diecast Auto-lifts. You can use this auto-lift as a garage complementary diorama equipment.

But what has been a bit of a problem in my mind is why does the scale 64 feel much smaller than the regular 64 scales, do you have the same M2 Machine Model Kit? Please share your experience in the Comment column.

For this edition of the Camaro Z28 the door has Bootlegger written on it and the rubber tire looks, Goodyear. There is also a rubber tire that only has a circular red line when I combine it. I use the Goodyear writing on the rear tire so that it feels like the aura of the gasser car. The level of detail is very good, the door can be opened, and the wheels can rotate as they should.

If you intend to collect it, you don’t need to doubt because this product is cool, it just seems odd on the scale. The rest all salute, respect for Camaro Z8 by M2 Machines

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