Toyota Supra JADA Toys Diecast 64

Castles that are very hard to find Jada Toys Toyota Supra. If we have previously reviewed Pontiac GTO 71, and also the Chevy Stingray from Jada toys, both of which are American muscles. Now we will review and peel Jada Toys which is JDM namely Toyota Supra.

The Toyota Supra is one of the sports cars from the Toyota manufacturer that has been very popular even the Toyota supra is also filling in for the first Fast Furious film driven by Brian O’Connor.

The most popular Toyota Supra in the whole world is the fourth generation with the A80 chassis code being the most wanted car for speed enthusiasts everywhere thanks to the blast of power from the 2JZ-GTE engine 2,997 cc Twin Turbo.

This powerful six-cylinder engine for up to 276 hp and 451 Nm of torque is the result of collaboration between Toyota and Hitachi in the Twin Turbocharger induction device. In 1997 Toyota applied a variable valve system to the cylinder head so that its power increased to 321 hp.

Supra A80 began production from 1993 to 2002. This is the longest history of the production of the Supra designed by Isao Tsuzuki in the world. Until now, the Fastback Mark IV or MK IV coupe is still being hunted by consumers to be collected or made by competition.

For casting the Toyota Supra model from JADA Toys, I am stale without saying that it is bad enough for JADA production, especially if you already have a Big Time Muscle JADA collection. For the Import Racer version, I can say the exterior details are bad. But it was still helped in several sectors so the disappointment was somewhat disguised.

You can see in the headlights, rear lights and under the radiator on the bumper body kit. Because this body kit seems to be the same as the concept used in casting ken toys models. So I can guess that the front body kit failed for details. For parts of the lamp, it can actually be corrected with a sticker as Maisto did if he did not want to give mica.

And this is the Sector that is able to help, first on the tire wheels, the racing wheels look really sporty and cool with a black base and decorated with chrome rings, the tires are also wrapped in rubber and can rotate well entirely. Then there is the hood engine that is covered with black doff paint and there is an Import Racer text, the last is on the interior side which is quite charming with seat racing commonly used in real racing cars. And also the advantages of JADA Toys as a basis that is far greater than other brands that both have a scale of 64, printed diecast both body and rivet.

As I said before, it seems that JADA Toys is superior for American Muscle production. So if you really are lovers of American Muscle you must have a collection of JADA Toys, but if for JDM you should undo your intentions unless you collect for a large scale, namely the scale of 24 and so on.

As a closing, this Jada Toys Toyota Supra Import Racer entered production in wave 4, while I don’t know the amount of production. But on the collector’s card I got number 44. In wave 4 this casting model was released, namely Lexus IS 300, Toyota Supra, Lexus GS 430, Toyota Celica, Mitsubishi Eclipse, Toyota MR-2 Spyder, and there were 2 versions. I myself don’t know what version 1 or 2 can be if you know someone you can fill in the comments below.

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