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The Best Photography Contest, congratulation shumsphotography

Sorry for those of you lovers of diecast photography if I give very late info. It turned out that on May 1-5 2019 there was a photo contest held by the Ignition Model. I just found out after there were some very cool shoot results, there was an announcement of the winner.

The photo contest is specifically for casting Ignition Model models with various scales and types of models. Even though it’s late, there is still value that can be learned, namely learning from the results that have become candidates and also the winners of the photo contest this year. At least we can learn to imitate technique, angle, and composition first. Only then will we develop our imagination to make improvisations. Later on, we can release our work for the next diecast photo contest. It doesn’t have to be an Ignition Model but it can also be for other brands.

We do have to collect a lot of portfolio for learning, and the source of inspiration in photographing diecast. Especially when photographing casting models of cars with a scale of 64, the challenge is far more complicated because the small scale level is quite difficult to reach by the camera in terms of focus.

The very difficult challenge of photographing diecast is how we can display the casting model of this car that looks real, not as a toy, especially with the effects that make nuances come alive.

I myself am still in the process of learning at the level of technique and composition, so I still need a lot of references from the candidates and winners of the diecast photo contest. Want to actually follow but still far away to get there. Only to compete who are not nominated are very difficult especially with those who have been nominated. What is important to me and all of us who are still beginners in the world of photography are diecasting lots of references and exercises.

We also need to follow the event held by the community, which usually gives give away diecast awards. Do not see what give away diecast items, but how we can achieve a better level by getting give away. Because we must train our abilities first of these small events to improve performance and hone our own skills and imagination. It was able to measure where our level of performance in the world of diecast photography.

And here I show the results of the photo diecast contest held by the Ignition Model, both from the nominees and also the champions. Congratulations to the Champion of Diecast Photography Ignition Model contest, Full respect for your Champion is indeed the best. Greetings.

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