Ixo Model Diecast Ford Fiesta RS WRC Valentino Rossi Monza Rally 2017

Hello guys, where are the fans of Valentino Rossi? Are there any diecast collectors here? Hopefully, the reader here is a big fan of Valentino Rossi. Because I want to give you good news.

There is good news from the Ixo Model for you, Diecast Ford Fiesta RS WRC # 46 Monza Rally 2017. The car that was used by Valentino Rossi during the race at Monza and was able to win with C.Cassina. Currently, there are many who have conducted POs or auctions, please follow and get this rare collection.

This casting model bases diecast with great detail and enters the premium diecast segment. Because we need to know that the moto Ixo Model is “Ixo is one of the best 1:43 in the diecast industry, famous for it’s replica”.

I really want to have it, but unfortunately I don’t have a collection of 43, besides that the main problem is the scale of 43 is less popular, plus now many brands are fighting on a 64 scale, and many new players are trying to look impressive on a 64 scale at a price can be more expensive than a scale of 24 for rare items.

But of course this diecast should not be missed by fans of Valentino Rossi, without the need to think about the scale. If I were a big fan of Valentino Rossi I would also not think, besides just thinking of having and collecting it with other Valentino Rossi merchandise.

For the price, this Casting Fiesta Ford RS WRC 46 Model 2017 Rally 2017 is still in the affordable category, which ranges from the price of US $ 35. Casting this model already has an archival box, so it adds to the elegant impression.

So what else to think about is to immediately get and collect this rare item. Ford Fiesta RS WRC # 46 Monza Rally 2017.

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