MiniGT Lamborghini Aventador Liberty Walk Coming Soon 2019

Hi bro Diecast Lovers there is good news for you 64 scale lovers for the Lamborghini custom Liberty Walk. Yes, finally the Mini GT collaborated with Lamborghini along with the Liberty Walk.

If all this time we know that the Mini GT always releases its flagship product, the Nissan GTR Liberty Walk, and it is quite a best seller on the market competing with its own lb performance which has also issued all custom results from Liberty Walk, starting from Lamborghini Aventador, Huracan, and also the Nissan GTR R35.

I myself have these three types of lamborghini, the baby blue, walk, the angel blue, lamborghini, the Argentinian liberty walk monster energy, Lamborghini Huracan, the Nissan R35 Zero Fighter from the LB performance. If the Mini GT is to issue a Lamborghini Aventador Liberty Walk, then my first target is the Lamborghini Aventador Liberty Walk Zero Fighter Greyscale.

My only hope is that the metal bases are diecasted if they don’t have minimal diecast alloy. Because after a bad experience with base resin I was now a little traumatized. It is true that the base resin has a very good level of detail, but its weakness is very vulnerable. You could say he is a home child not a street child.

Already my 2 lamborghini units were damaged because of my negligence which caused the mirror and spoiler to break. To clean it you have to be extra careful and don’t use the compressor. You have to wipe it with a cloth slowly and gently. It might be said to be like caressing a girl’s body that has a smooth body like an artist. Pay attention when approaching the rearview mirror and the spoiler is very vulnerable.

Back to the Mini GT, hopefully this casting model from the Mini GT for the Lamborghini Aventador Liberty Walk fits my expectations, diecast metal or diecast alloy. If it turns out the bases are resin then I resign, and choose to take the Nissan GTR R34 from Jada Toys Option D.

This month until it’s close to the end of the year it seems we diecast lovers will be drained our bags for new items that are tempting and charming. At the moment the Tarmac Works has also given sightings for casting diecast models of Pagani Zonda cars.

Everything is up to you or all items are taken. But if I hope the mini gt is diecast because I really don’t have a collection of mini gt especially lamborghini, the aventador liberty walk zero fighter. How about you

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