Hot Wheels Elite 1/18 Ferrari 599xx Evo Premium Collection

Somehow this heart is tempted to have a collection of diecast 18, but what I can’t answer is the desire for that scale or because of the Ferrari figure. Yes, before I wrote about the Ferrari FXXK Evo thread from Maisto on the 24th scale. But I was tempted by Ferrari 599xx Evo and the temptation could make me nervous, even almost I could not sleep until 3 in the morning because of anxiety.

Hot wheels of the 1/18 scale Elite Ferrari 599xx Evo what is your charm that makes me so nervous, like someone who longs for his love and must be patient to be able to meet him, sure this is really very chaotic.

Indeed the details for exterior and interior parts are in a good category. This is captivating when collected and used as a photo model, its beautiful and charming appearance must make people fall in love when they see it. I imagine this Ferrari 599xx Evo like Free Willy the Killer Whale that lives freely in the ocean with the charm of beauty and strength.

This 1/18 scale Hot Wheels Elite Ferrari 599xx Evo is not a newcomers item and this stock is still available in various shops and online shops. Which might be the strongest attraction too because the price is not too expensive. This is probably due to the Engine sector and its functionality not being worked out in super detail. Usually, this is very important for diecast collectors, which I can say is in the category of addict & perfectionist.

But I can make sure the exterior details such as winglet aerodynamics and spoilers are very yes, even the gas tank cap is very cool. Diffuser and mirrors are also very good. On the interior of the racing seat, the roll bar and instrument panel dashboard are good.

There are some disadvantages that are actually needed by the addict and perfectionist classes, and maybe I won’t say it here unless there is a request so I will add it in the comments column if there is someone who requests for it.

How about you bro, do you also want to collect these beautiful Italian items? Yes, Hot Wheels Elite Ferrari 599xx Evo scale 1/18 Base body Metal Diecast.

Also, note that the Ferrari 599xx Evo has a runway kitchen 6.3-liter V12 engine capable of spraying power up to 700 hp at 9,000 rpm.

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