KenToys Extreme Tuner Collection of Memories Diecast scale 24 is Awesome

Is there a reader thread here that has a collection of KenToys? The KenToys still doesn’t have production or factories. In the past I actually had a collection of KenToys, there were 2 items that I had before they were destroyed because I left and played by a small child of my brother’s child.

2 of the KenToys collections that I have are Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 and Nissan 350z, this Diecast has a scale of 24 with pretty good detail and can even be said to be good for a cheap price and also comes with a cool custom bodykit display. Not only that for the size of the diecast, which is cheap, the interior side even has custom audio and even Nitro accessories.

I think this item that I have from KenToys is a series of Xtreme Tuner, I try to look for it again I want to make it a collection again, but the problem is this item is really hard to find. Even I did not find an official website. Even if there are only a few who sell from the collection, there are only a few and there are even those that I have.

It is possible if there are readers here who have the KenToys Xtreme Tuner collection to be able to send a photo so that I will display it in this thread and re-enliven the item KenToys Xtreme Tuner.

Oh yes this item can also ignite the main lights and accessories. If you still remember the style of modification of the game Need For Speed ​​Underground 2, then the modification style of KenToys Xtreme Tuner is the same. This is clearly impossible to have in other brands such as Maisto, JADA Toys, Bburago, Welly on a scale of 24. The accessories lights are below the skirt body and audio, while the main lights are only on the headlights.

I still have memories of the photos when the lights are on, I will include them below this thread, you can see how they look so cool and different from the others to diecast the scale 24.

If this KenToys Extreme Tuner still exists and is still in production, I will definitely collect it again. The most special diecast I’ve ever known, detailed cool body, nice interior, plus lighting like a real car in small dimensions.

KenToys Extreme Tuner where are you now, don’t want to live again in the world of martial arts diecast. You are diecast 24 who has the most complete functional among the others, do you not want to live on the surface together melodic melody diecast hahaha …

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