Autoart Jaguar E-Type scale 1/18 Most Wanted Classic Cars Modeling

Jaguar through the Jaguar Land Rover Classic division, which sparked the idea of ​​’meeting’ EV technology with classic cars. And the first car chosen as guinea pigs for this project was the Jaguar E-Type.

Jaguar E-Type is a coupe and roadster type sports car from Jaguar which was introduced in 1961. In its time (even today), Jaguar E-Type received appreciation as the most beautiful car in the world, including one admired by Enzo Ferrari who is the founding father Italian sports car brand, Ferrari.

The beauty of Jaguar E-Type is arguably never faded, even though it has been past half a century. And the Jaguar Land Rover Classic is home to classic Jaguar and Land Rover cars that want to be restored, carrying out an exciting mission of making the E-Type relevant to the latest engine technology through the physical synergy of Jaguar E-Type with EV engine technology, the result is Jaguar E-Type Zero.

Jaguar E-Type Zero 2018 uses a body base and chassis from the 1968 Series 1.5 Jaguar E-type Roadster. So that can be said from the exterior of the Jaguar E-Type Zero 2018 is very identical to the Jaguar E-Type Roadster in the era of the 60s, both in appearance to the smallest detail.

Jaguar E-Type Zero 2018 still uses the exact same shape as the old Jaguar E-Type. Starting from the front fascia with a massive air intake and accompanied by a chrome chrome bumper design, the classic jaguar logo accent details are present in the Jaguar E-Type Zero. Interestingly, even though the headlight area still has an ’old school’ design, in fact it has been equipped with LED Headlight technology.

Jaguar E-Type Zero 2018 presents an approach that is as appropriate as the Jaguar E-Type in its time. The use of alloy wheels with a single locking system, doors that can still be locked using ordinary keys, to the canvas roof business, which opens and uses the car’s owner and passenger power. It’s just that in the area of ​​the tank cap that is on the left side is now pinned Type 2 type electric car battery charger port that is universal for all electric cars today.

The rear aft of the Jaguar E-Type Zero 2018 actually makes you confused, because it is really the same as the old Jaguar E-Type. But if your eyes are observant, you will find out about the absence of the car’s exhaust, replaced by a backlight.

Compared to the exterior area, more interior areas were overhauled by the Jaguar Land Rover Classic. There is a meeting of two classic and futuristic design concepts in a balanced and coherent one-sided package.

in the carbon fiber panel dashboard area, it presents a classic style steering wheel with a three cross model with wooden details on the steering wheel. The ‘classic’ element is also present in both seats which are made of both the pattern and material used with the classic Jaguar E-Type

The only truly fundamental changes in the Jaguar E-Type Zero 2018 are changes in the engine sector. Jaguar E-Type Zero 2018 uses an XK330-4 electric engine that uses a 40kWh battery with an electric motor and reduction gear that is placed behind the battery pack, and uses a new drive shaft connected to the differential and final drives.

Interestingly, the Jaguar Land Rover Classic designed the entire EV system on the Jaguar E-Type Zero 2018 completely plug-and-play with the chassis and suspension of the Jaguar E-Type. Even because the old Jaguar E-Type has an XK engine holder which is equally used in XK120, Mk2 and XJ6, it allows the EV system to be applied to the line of this classic Jaguar model produced from 1949-1992.

The price of the Jaguar E-Type Zero 2018 is divided into 2 versions, namely the ‘full’ version and the ‘kit’ version. So, if you buy 1 unit intact Jaguar E-Type Zero 2018 the price can be in the range of £ 300,000. The story is different if you already have a classic Jaguar E-Type, you only need to pay around £ 60,000 to buy a ‘machine’ and convert from a gasoline engine to a hybrid.

All of the above are the original car version stories, and for those of you who also want to collect them in the miniature model you can also get them. Because one of the branding models of cars has been reduced to a scale of 18, especially if it’s not the Autoart Model Jaguar E-Type.

So for those of you who are really focused or really like the collection of aristocratic model cars, then immediately get and collect Jaguar E-type Autoart Models. For the price of Autoart the Jaguar E-type model you can get around US $ 357.35

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