MINI COOPER Liberty Walk Collection Scale 1/18 Resin Modeling

Hello diecast lover’s, there is good news for you guys who really like mini cooper cars. Here is the item casting model of Liberty Walk cars which is quite cool and interesting, because I myself have never seen Liberty Walk modifying a Mini Cooper car.

Even though the original version doesn’t yet exist, it doesn’t matter. In fact this could be an illustration for my friend who has the original version if you want to change the look of the mini cooper if modified overfender. It turns out that the mini still able to look cute, and very interesting.

For the Cars Walk Cooper Liberty Walk Mini Model there are 5 variants of modified colors, namely:
• MINI Cooper Libertywalk red with 2 tonenya. Namely the base color is red while the top is black.

• MINI Cooper Libertywalk with livery Advan rollbar uses red black alloy wheels

• MINI Cooper Libertywalk with Zero Fighter livery, a very famous and iconic livery. Livery fighter during World War. Rims use black, the rollbar is also black.

• MINI Cooper Libertywalk with its own livery which is very well understood and understood, namely the sunrise. Here there are 2 colors namely light and dark grayscale. For the last one this is really absurd, bro 😄

The MINI Cooper Libertywalk comes in a scale of 18 and is made from resin. If you have this collection, you have to be extra careful, bro, rather than crying overnight like a song. Indeed the basic ingredients of resin have a very neat level of detail, detail, & real. But his biggest weakness is he is fragile against chaotic hands.

For the price of Casting Model Cars is priced at US $ 329-449 each model has a different amount of production.

The advan livery produced 10 pcs, the red color also 10 pcs, zero fighter 10 pcs, LB greyscale bright 20 pcs, the dark 99 pcs.

If you are interested, you can check and contact Unusual43 directly, based in Singapore. But if you have a place for sale, please contact them directly, and immediately get the MINI Cooper Liberty Walk collection.

oh yes, I forgot to tell you all that every purchase of this MINI Cooper Liberty Walk item you also get a signature directly from Wataru Kato the owner of Liberty Walk. This is in accordance with information from the unusual 43 parties and also the existing images.

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